Friday, July 19, 2019

Pain Relief!

Pain Relief!
I had pain for the last 13 years on the right side of my neck going to my head, cheeks and hands. I also had pain on my back going into my right leg – it’s like my right side of my body is always in pain. I tried many medicines when I was in India and also here in the USA. I went to other physical therapists and chiropractors. Nothing helped. My wife and primary care physician (Dr. Padma) referred me to Maccio Physical Therapy. Initially, I did not have any hopes about my pain going away. But slowly my pain started decreasing. I followed exactly what Joseph G. Maccio said. I had few complications or side effects with exercises, but those were addressed properly by Joe. Now at the end of my 12 week visit I have no pain. I want to thank Joe from the bottom of my heart. His help and treatment is priceless.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Rapid Recovery With MDT!

                                                                                           Rapid Recovery With MDT! 

I was specifically referred to Maccio Physical Therapy by my primary physicians with severe right lower back/si joint area pain. I was 2 weeks away from a power down that I would likely have to cancel and lose my entry fee as well. Joe mentally and physically got me back in the gym. I made the competition and set a personal record on the dead lift as a bonus. Thanks Maccio Physical Therapy! Also, the scheduling and reception was extremely friendly and professional. I’ve never been to an office with more flexible scheduling when making appointments to fit my busy schedule.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

"Time does not matter with MDT" 

I have suffered with neck pain and migraines since an auto accident in 1992. I’ve had chiropractic treatments and other physical therapy. Joe Maccio is the only doctor that truly helped me. With a few exercises I am basically pain free and have movement in my neck again. I no longer have pain that interferes with everyday life. I highly recommend Maccio PT to anyone dealing with pain every day. Thank you!


"Why We Always Check The Spine"

                                             "Why We Always Check The Spine" 

I came to Maccio Physical Therapy after having debilitating knee pain for 3 months straight. Worried that it might be a meniscus tear due to recent tendon injuries, I saw an orthopedic doctor who completely dismissed me as soon as he saw me, claiming it was a result of slight bow leggedness due to being female.

Disheartened by this experience and determined to get better, I met Joe Jr and his team the following week. Joe was very respectful and listened to me intently as I described my symptoms. Since my pain came and went randomly, they suggested the problem wasn’t with my knees but instead with my spine. After just four or five visits my pain started to go away. I was amazed at the results and so happy Maccio Physical Therapy could help me. I’m happy to be pain free and back to my regular activities!


Another Self Taught Success Story x2

Another Self Taught Success Story x2

I came in with lower back pain in 2017 where I couldn’t walk 10 steps without having to lay flat on the floor and cry. A neighbor told me about Maccio and after Joe saw me just a few times, my pain started to subside and I could walk for longer and longer. After a month I was pain free. I was sent home with “tools” to help my back remain healthy and I still use the exercises today.

Due to the success of my lower back, when I encountered neck pain, I knew right where to go. Again, slowly but surely, with the exercises, my neck pain began to subside. This is one special place! I have maintenance routines to keep me going – I would be one big lump of pain without Maccio Physical Therapy.


Thursday, June 20, 2019

MDT: The other option to relieve pain

MDT: The other option for pain relief!

When I first went to physical therapy at Maccio Physical Therapy, I was very doubtful that physical therapy alone was going to be able to help my pain. I was in excruciating pain to where I could not work, sleep or function. My neck, cervical spine and left arm were causing me to have severe, constant pain to where there was no comfortable position. I was given steroid medication, medication for nerve pain and then narcotic pain medication so that I could sleep, and none of it seemed to help. I also went to pain management, where the next step would be epidural injection if physical therapy did not help. Thankfully, my physical therapy with Lindsay Carlton was successful to where I could work and carry on in my life without extreme pain, and I regained strength in my hand that I was worried I would not do. I would highly recommend Lindsay and Maccio Physical Therapy to anyone!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Knee Pain? A Must Read!

Do you have knee pain?
Then, this is a must read patient success story, with notes from one of our therapists, Joseph R. Maccio, DPT, Dip. MDT

How to Avoid Unnecessary Surgery 
“I suffered a sports injury, and was first told by a doctor that it will get better over time. Nine months later, my knee was still in pain and I couldn’t get through the day without wearing a brace and icing at night. I went to an orthopedist who eventually performed a surgery to clean up my knee, but 3 months later the pain was still prevalent. I got a second opinion and this doctor sent me to physical therapy. I was skeptical, as I had already worked on strengthening my muscles. Nothing seemed to have helped and I simply wanted to function, to exercise and to play sports without a brace and pain. After a completely new diagnosis, at Maccio Physical Therapy, of referred pain from my spine and corrective movements my pain began to go away. Within about 2 months, I was brace-free, ice-free and able to exercise and play sports again without pain. It felt good to finally have a reason behind the pain and to not have another surgery and to be hopeful for my future!”

Clinical Commentary
This patient is an unfortunate example of what happens when the spine is not properly screened. We have been increasingly seeing patients who have a surgical procedure and 6 months to a year later still have the same or worse pain. In our 2018 study, Directional preference of the extremity: a preliminary investigation, we found that by using a MDT assessment, almost half, (45.9%) of patients with isolated peripheral pain, actually had pain referred from the spine and got fully better from treatment of the spine. This finding was echoed in a Japanese study which found 44.6% of patients with the medical diagnosis of knee OA, with pain referred exclusively pain from the spine.
Contact Maccio Physical Therapy, the Capital Regions only certified MDT clinic, to make sure your knee pain isn’t referred from your spine to avoid unnecessary surgery and treatment.
Joseph R. Maccio DPT Dip. MDT

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