Thursday, December 1, 2011

Success Story!!!

This patient is a 15 year old female basketball player with 9 week history of knee pain. She was able to return to running and jumping without any re-occurrence of pain by her 4th visit. Proof that knee derangements are rapidly reversible!!!

When I first came in, I couldn't go upstairs without pain. I couldn't walk without a lot of pain or stand for a long period of time. My legs also bent at different degrees. We tried one technique and most of my problems were gone the first day. The second week, I was able to run without pain and jump in the same week. By my third week, I was able to return to basketball. -- Taulie

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Extremity Success!

“I injured my knee dancing in June and prior treatment was unsuccessful in resolving my injury. I came back to school thinking I would not get to dance for the whole semester, or possibly the whole year! In just four weeks of physical therapy, I have gone back to my normal dance and exercise routine, including choreography! I am very happy with the treatments and the results!” Rekha B.

Rekha’s knee pain had been persistent since June 2011. She had X-Rays and had received chiropractic care without any change in symptoms. She was unable to squat or ascend or descend stairs without pain. She was unable to dance as her traditional routine require prolonged squatting. Joe Jr. was able to identify a knee derangement and show her how to resolve her symptoms. She did require mobilizations to completely abolish her remaining symptoms and has been able to return to all her functional activities and dance without recurrence of symptoms.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two New Success Stories!

We are publishing two new success stories this month to highlight the important role that physical therapy can take in helping rapidly heal chronic pain. Remember, physical therapy is a safe, effective, drug and side-effect-free way to help with your back, neck and extremity pain. Happy reading!

When I came to Maccio, it had been more than two years since my back surgery—and I still hadn’t recovered. I reherniated the same disc I had surgery on and I was in so much pain I could not sit for the length of a movie. My surgeon told me to “Cultivate couch activities” and said I should give up on skiing and hiking—my favorite pastimes. I asked him if physical therapy would help, and he said it was useless. But I couldn’t bear the thought of never hiking again, and it hurt too much to even walk up a paved hill. When my cousin said the McKenzie Method worked for her, I gave Maccio a call...and in less than a month I can move again! I went to movies and actually enjoyed them instead of getting up to stand in back. I started running again. Finally, I went on a 24-hour road trip and faithfully did my stretches at every rest stop—and my back never hurt! Now, I’m slowly increasing core strength and I intend to return to hiking slowly and carefully, but with the confidence of knowing that the McKenzie exercises will immediately be able to resolve any pain I feel. These exercises have given me back my life. - Kathleen


In August of 2010, I was in a car accident and experienced bad pain in my lower back. I was referred to a neurosurgeon by the emergency room. After X-Rays, MRIs, and CT scans I was sent to physical therapy. By December, I was no better. My primary doctor sent me to a chiropractor. I felt relief from that for a few hours after the appointment but by the evening, my normal back pain returned. I went back to the neurosurgeon in May of 2011 and said the pain was still there and now radiating down my leg, and something needs to be done. I was told that I should try steroid injections. I had a CT scan after the injections didn’t help either and was told I needed a spinal fusion. I saw my primary doctor again and she referred me to a second neurosurgeon who said surgery wouldn’t help. After a weekend of complete confusion, I asked my primary to send me to a third neurosurgeon for one last opinion. He said surgery wouldn’t help me and said I needed physical therapy again. I was skeptical since I had already tried it for five months and it did nothing for me, but I went anyway. I called Maccio Physical Therapy and had an appointment the same week. After two days, the pain in my leg was gone and after three weeks of the McKenzie Method, I am close to having my normal life back with my two-year-old son! I’m so grateful I went for a second and third opinion! Maccio has really helped me to get my quality of life back to what it was last spring! - Kristie

Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Success Story!

I came in with foot drop, sciatic pain and difficulty walking. Physical therapy helped me get my strength back in my feet and legs. I’m able to walk fine and I have my balance back with no pain! I definitely needed to see a McKenzie specialist so Maccio’s was a great choice. Thanks!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Another happy patient!

When I came to Maccio Physical Therapy, I had debilitating pain, unable to properly function. With the McKenzie Method, I gained full function, full range of motion and alleviated all pain. And I know how to treat myself now! Thank you.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Our latest success story: planta fasciitis?

I’ve suffered from plantar fasciitis for two years. The worst time of day was always getting out of bed and I’d hobble around for 15-20 minutes until the pain subsided. When I went to an appointment with Joe Maccio for a separate issue, I mentioned my plantar fasciitis and how frustrated I had become with the persistence of the condition. Joe gave me an exercise to do each hour and one day later, I got out of bed with no pain. Relief finally! Thanks!


Monday, April 4, 2011

The Latest Success Story

My doctor had prescribed pain medication that did not work and I had the option to do pain management or physical therapy. When I first came for physical therapy, I had my doubts that it would work. My pain was so severe I couldn’t sit or sleep. Some exercises worked great, others did not. Once we found the exercises that would help, I couldn’t believe the changes! I was able to sit without any pain and my walking comfortable again! I’m so happy I went with physical therapy, I never thought I’d be pain free again and the exercises worked unbelievably well. I would definitely recommend Maccio Physical Therapy.

JoAnne C.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Another patient success story: vertigo

After a recommendation from my physician to Maccio Physical Therapy with a diagnosis of vertigo, I am happy to say I am absolutely satisfied with the results. I was given an appointment the same day, tested, and treated. At the second visit, my dizziness is completely gone! I would highly recommend Joe Maccio and his associates for their expertise, professionalism, and personal concern to the patient.

Lynn M.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

End-Range is Where the Magic Happens!

There are times when we meet obstructions to achieving end-range in that the patient may not be able to perform aggressive enough home exercises or perhaps their work or home duties require prolonged bending or sitting and the effectiveness of their exercise program is somewhat limited. It is imperative that we reach end-range in order to truly assess whether someone has a mechanical derangement that can respond appropriately.

As a certified McKenzie Clinic, we are required to have a REPEX Table on hand. While we certainly do not want to make patients depended on machines, the REPEX is a valuable tool to assess whether a person has achieved end-range as extension can be applied to the lumbar spine through both the lower back and hips which is not possible with standard exercises. During the past week, we have had a few patients who have significantly increased their range of motion following one or two sessions on the REPEX and one patient who has completely abolished all lower extremity pain and paresthesia simply by applying the importance of end-range principle.

If you would like to see the REPEX in action, you can visit:

Hill REPEX II Flexion Extension Therapy Table by Robin Mckenzie from Hill Laboratories on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Treatment Outcome Surveys

If you are not already on our email listserve, please contact Erin at to be included in our updates. We will also be conducting a survey through our email listserve attempting to track recurrence of symptoms for patients who successfully complete their treatment. The questions will be simple and the idea is to identify how effective our individual approach is compared to national standards of mechanical diagnosis and therapy. Patients who are compliant with their home program and continue to have problems may be eligible for free screenings and assessments as part of our grand rounds and continuing education program.

Most of these conditions occur from the lumbar spine with a smaller percentage coming from the hip or sacroiliac joint. The MDT method is one of the few methods that can help sort out this problem. Recent studies and modifications on how we assess this area may answer some of the more complex problems we have seen over the years where we have been unable to identify the true source of symptom production.

If you are a former patient, please call or email Erin at 273-2121 or with your answers to the following questions and we will enter you in to the monthly gift card drawings!

1. Have you had treatment for low back, sacroiliac, or hip pain in our clinic?
2. Have you continued with a home exercise program?
3. Have you had a recurrence of symptoms within one year?
4. Has your home exercise program been sufficient enough to self treat?

Another Patient Success

In first coming to Maccio PT, I was in a lot of pain in doing everyday things that were necessary to function such as sitting, standing, and sleeping. After being hit by a car my lower back really crippled me. Progressing through physical therapy my back became better, but my hip began to become very uncomfortable. This was discouraging but Maccio PT kept the mood and motivation high. They didn’t give up and now the problem is fixed! Now I feel much better and I am working to get my strength back and resume my previously active lifestyle!

- Madelyn

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year! Our latest success story:

As I have never gone through physical therapy, I was pleasantly surprised to find that now I can do all my normal routine daily activities. Following my exercises each day, I found the pain lessening each day until it was gone! I will continue the recommended exercises as Joe Jr. mentioned to avoid any further problems. Hopefully I will be able to get on with my life thanks to Joe!

- Michele W.