Thursday, March 30, 2017

"Having the ability to control my pain through exercises is amazing"

“I came to Maccio Physical Therapy for extreme pain in the front of my shoulders, and I couldn’t move my thumbs. I did not realize I had neck pain. I wasn’t sleeping and the pain was throbbing with each heartbeat. I couldn’t bend my thumbs. I don’t believe in pain medication, and I was suffering for months. After my first appointment with Julia, I could bend my thumbs. Each appointment I saw improvement. What really amazed me is if the pain got throbbing, I could do my exercises and the pain would subside. Having the ability to control my pain through exercises is amazing. I never would have believed it. I am now pain free. I have some stiffness in the morning; do my exercises, and I’m ready for the day with no pain.” Lyn 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

"I have completely returned to my normal life."

“My first day at Maccio Physical Therapy, I walked in with a limp, sore back, and a sore right hip. I was losing motion and had numbness in my right foot. I was starting to slap my right foot when walking, and had severe burning pain in my right calf for the first 15 minutes after getting up every day. My doctor had just told me that I had a herniated disc and needed to try PT before we discussed surgery. This pain had started gradually over the last month or so, but had increased over the last 2 weeks. At that time, I was unable to do much other than work, sit and sleep. My normal life was drastically changed. A few simple exercises were explained to me and within a week or so, the pain and discomfort was moving around my back and leg, and becoming more tolerable.The exercises in total probably took less than 15 minutes a day. I have been released with no pain or discomfort, full range of motion and strength in my foot and I have completely returned to my normal life. A few simple exercises every day for the rest of my life (less than 5 minutes a day) and I am thrilled. I cannot thank Colin enough and would absolutely recommend Maccio Physical Therapy to anyone with back pain or discomfort.” - Robert

Thursday, March 16, 2017

"I will not under estimate what Physical Therapy can do for me again.”

Pamela was having trouble sitting for long periods of time. This caused her to frequently call out, and leave work early. Standing and walking also caused her quite a deal of pain. When she came to Maccio Physical Therapy, her goal was to be pain free without medication.

“Prior to coming here, I was on two different pain meds for the hip, and still was very uncomfortable, and walking slowly. After being put through the paces, Colin let me know it was a lower back problem. He gave me exercises to do, and gradually the pain has stopped. My knee had also been a problem for me – swelling and discomfort. At times, I would need cortisone shots. At this point, I am pain free in both my knee and my back. I will not under estimate what Physical Therapy can do for me again.” – Pamela

Thursday, March 9, 2017

"Dont Give Up! Give Maccio A Try."

Dianne initially came to us with discomfort both going up and down stairs, and she even struggled with pain walking in her own home.

“When I initially made an appointment with Maccio Physical Therapy, I was in extreme pain. My right leg was so sore; it was difficult for me to walk even within my own living room. I was discouraged, and thought I would have to live with this for my remaining years. My doctor recommended Maccio PT. Within a matter of weeks, two times a week, and exercises every 2 hours, the pain all but vanished. Don’t give up! You don’t have to live with that pain. Give Maccio a try.” – Dianne 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Back In The Gym With A Better Understanding

“After struggling with constant lower back pain, and pain throughout my thighs and legs, I got a referral to come to Maccio Physical Therapy. By the time of my first appointment, I had been experiencing this pain for about 5 months. After a couple visits, I was already starting to feel a difference and improvement. Before I started having pain, I would be at the gym 3-4 times a week doing cardio, weight lifting, and yoga. I had to stop all of these activities because of the pain I was in. With the help of Maccio Physical Therapy, I not only am able to return to these activities, but I also now better understand what was causing me so much pain before. Now I feel like I will be better able to detect, and hopefully prevent, an injury or problem like I just experienced from happening again. And should I ever experience said pain again, Maccio Physical Therapy made it clear they will be here to help.” – Sam