Monday, October 28, 2019

No Meds, No Pain, No MRI - The Power of MDT

"I am a college student from RPI.  I was referred to Maccio by the RPI Nurse Practitioner after complaining of tailbone/lower back pain likely due to poor posture, heavy backpack, and hours of sitting at a desk studying or doing homework on a computer.  The pain intensified so much I eventually had trouble sitting for long periods of time and even sleeping.
              After completing a few weeks of visits and doing exercises assigned by my physical therapist, Lindsay at Maccio, I am happy to report my pain is gone, I am able to sit and do work without pain and am sleeping better at night.  Thank you Lindsay and Maccio Physical Therapy." 
– Vanessa

Friday, October 11, 2019

The Power of MDT: Rapidly Reversible Low Back Pain

"My back was 'catching' multiple times a day.  Jolts of pain every time I got up and walked.  It was getting worse, not better.  Started PT and Joe (JR) told me to do back extensions every hour and sit with the back roll.  Then come back in 24 hours as I would be better.  I thought he was crazy!! I have been dealing with the pain for three years.  Walking, elliptical, yoga for backs and nothing helped and he thinks I am going to be better in 24 hours.  Well within 4 hours the “catching” and jolts stopped.  It really was miraculous.  Fast forward to now.  No icepacks.  The jolts have subsided.  Don’t get me wrong I am not 100% yet.  I still get the “catches” and I still need by back roll. I am hopeful that it will go away for good.  The big test will be on the ski slopes this winter.  Time will tell.  Thanks for helping me improve and giving good stretches that will prevent reverting back to my old problems." -Susan