Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ankle Injury

When I came to Maccio my ankle didn’t work and it was awful! I walked with a visible limp and it hurt all the time. Plus I’m only 20 so this was unacceptable. I could barely flex or point my ankle and it had been 5 months since my injury. However, when I came here the staff kept me hopeful. From the actual physical therapists to the staff at the front desk everyone was always in a good mood and kept moral high. I was really embarrassed about how my ankle acted and how limited it was but every time I came in they were encouraging and friendly. It honestly really helped. I can now squat, jump and run almost normally and by the end of my summer break it will be back to normal. I had other therapists and doctors tell me it may never function the same but everyone here never gave up and it meant a lot. I’m so happy to be back to normal and it is all thanks to everyone here! -Mikayla T.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Walking again

On March 7th I had foot surgery. I had a joint replacement done on my big toe they cut the first metatarsal and put a screw in to give me more movement. I was non weight bearing for six weeks. I came to physical therapy with very little movement in the toe joint. I was not able to walk without limping. I was given some exercise and Joe used stim on the foot to take away the swelling. I am now able to walk without limping. I still get some swelling. In all, the exercises really helped.- Mary E.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Back to the Court!

When I first came here I couldn’t bend or straighten my leg completely. I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t play basketball. After I came I could completely bend and straighten my leg. I didn’t have nearly as much pain. The workers here made me feel comfortable and happy. I’m really glad I came to physical therapy. -Kiara M. __________________________________________________________________________________

Friday, May 3, 2013

Positive Outcomes :)

In February 2013, I injured my back as a result of a fall at work. I was experiencing pain my lower middle back, lower right side of my back and hip area as well as right leg above the knee. I was limping badly, could not work and needed assistance in getting dressed, standing and navigating stairs. Within three or four visits under the care of Joe Jr., I began to feel a little less pain and began to move more independently. The progress continued gradually and with ups and downs which Joe said was to be expected. Today marks the date of my release from this practice and I feel better and have less pain then I’ve known for a long time. Joe Jr. has been a pleasure to work with and a true professional who knows his business. The office staff displays an attitude of helpfulness and congeniality rarely found in a medical care atmosphere. Thank you so much all. -Leroy D.