Monday, August 30, 2010

Word of Mouth Referrals - You Could be a Winner!

There are many people who don’t realize that they have a choice of there to go for physical therapy and would like to enjoy the same results that you have.

Only 18% of patients with lower back pain are referred to physical therapy by their doctors according to the Archives of Internal Medicine

Medicare reports a 629% increase in cost for epidural steroid injections and a 220% increase in spinal fusion surgery rates

Physical therapy is safe, has no side effects and teaches you what to do to manage and prevent your pain from coming back!

Have you had a positive experience at Maccio Physical Therapy? Share your success with someone you know! Former patients are our most valuable referral source so we have printed referral postcards to make it easy to refer a friend! Stop by the office to pick yours up today! We can also mail one to you so please give us a call (518-273-2121). We will enter those who pick up a card to refer new patients into a special double value gift card drawing! Remember, physical therapy is a safe, side-effect-free, drug-free, and surgery-free method to manage your pain.

The Latest Success Story from Maccio PT

I was diagnosed with a shoulder impingement which caused loss of range of motion, pain and muscle weakness. I also had loss of range of motion in my elbow from an injury many years ago. Upon completing P.T., both conditions are vastly improved thanks to a series of simple, quick exercises. I think the underlying conditions were accurately diagnosed and the treatments effective. I was relieved I will not have to resort to more radical treatments, like surgery. In addition, I was advised of corrections and modifications to my free weight workouts, this has improved the safety and efficiency of the training.
- Elliot M.

TRIAD Conference 2010

On Saturday September 25, Maccio Physical Therapy will be attending and presenting at this year’s TRIAD Conference. TRIAD is a national organization with many local chapters and consists of a partnership between senior citizens, senior providers, and law enforcement. TRIAD’s mission is to assess the needs and concerns of senior citizens and reduce victimization in the elderly. Maccio Physical Therapy will be presenting on “balance and falls prevention for older adults.” The conference will be held at Hudson Valley Community College from 9 to 1:30. Stop by and see us! You can be entered to win a gift card!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Medicare Cuts to Physical Therapy Benefits = No Care For Seniors?

The Center for Medicare Services is proposing a drastic change for reimbursement strategies which will significantly reduce payments to physical therapists for outpatient services. We estimate that this will result in a 33% decrease in payment for our current services. We will be forced to make a very difficult decision as to whether or not we can continue to participate as a Medicare provider. The Center for Medicare Services is allowing for feedback. This needs to be done as soon as possible as we only have two weeks to respond. Please contact anyone you know who uses Medicare or Medicare-like products. The amount of providers available for physical therapy may dramatically decrease in 2011. Please take the time to contact Medicare and express your concerns and request that CMS reconsider its plans to implement their proposed rule on the MPPR for therapy services and seek more appropriate mechanisms to ensure that payment for therapy services is adequate, accurate and ensures access to needed physical therapy for our nation’s seniors and individuals with disabilities.
To make comments:
Vist You can also fax comments to: 703-706-3246.
Thank you for your support in this important matter.