Friday, October 9, 2009

Right posterior thigh pain

Right posterior thigh pain- was it back or was it hip? I had a patient present with right sided posterior thigh pain who reported pain with sitting and rising. She was unable to raise her right hip secondary to pain and was unable to squat. We initially evaluated the lumbar spine and could not come up with a conclusive mechanical diagnosis and then evaluated the hip. Essentially, we wound up treating both the lumbar spine and hip into extension.

This resulted in complete abolishment of all symptoms including pain, weakness, and inability to raise her weight against gravity and squat. This involved two directions of preference for this patient as we were unsure whether we were treating a stubborn low back derangement or a hip derangement. The only consequence to the patient is she needed to do two exercises instead of one but the outcome was good in just 5 visits.


  1. Joint Pain maybe linked to thigh pain as the muscle have numerous receptors.

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