Friday, January 30, 2015

No more sleepless nights!!

After exploring several options, Lynn thankfully found our clinic and found the McKenzie Method was the answer to relieving her pain! She is now living a more active life and is able to rest easy! 

            For over a year and a half, pain from sciatica had been bothering me by lodging in a spot near my knees and lower back. This made sitting all day at my computer desk almost unbearable. At home, the pain would wake me up in the middle of the night or keep me from falling asleep. Getting comfortable was seemingly impossible.
            I went to my primary care physician who prescribed high doses of ibuprofen, which really didn't touch the pain. I visited my chiropractor who did his usual spinal manipulations which helped for a very short while. I sought relief at my acupuncturist whose treatment lasted the longest at keeping my discomfort at bay. But, despite their good intentions, the pain and discomfort returned.
            Over the years, I'd heard of the McKenzie method of physical therapy but was unsure of how it was different from other forms of physical therapy, not having had any personal experience of either form. However, I had read some testimonials from people who had received treatment with the McKenzie Method and found it helped them.
            Consequently, my interest was piqued when an article appeared in a local health magazine highlighting the Maccio Physical Therapy group, who specialize in the McKenzie Method. I quickly made an appointment and now I am very happy that I did so!
            From the very first appointment, I was assured that I was in good hands. My therapist was soon able to pinpoint the problem area after a series of diagnostic movements. The exercises she prescribed were immediately helpful in reducing the pain. As the sessions progressed, the pain nearly disappeared completely, much to my delight. I'm sleeping much better and not waking up to the pain, allowing me to enjoy my days with freedom of movement. I've even joined the YMCA with the expectation of participating in all of the exercises which had previously seemed a distant dream!

I am very appreciative of the caring and friendly atmosphere of the office and am very grateful for the expertise of my therapist whose dedication guided me to a pain-free life. Thank you! - Lynn, Jan 2015

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