Monday, February 5, 2018

MDT and Golf: Staying Focused One Step at a Time

"The Maccio Physical Therapy Clinic is a success story in itself. It’s more than a clinic, it’s a warm and inviting atmosphere where you almost begin to heal when you first walk in. The reception area is friendly and efficient and the therapists are capable, efficient and considerate. They care and that is part of my success story. I was a whole clinical work case in one person. I walked in with leg problems, developed back issues, a shoulder problem and then a hip problem. Each issue was handled caringly and relief ensured. Despite treatment progressing for each different problem, the original issues were never forgotten and I was treated as a whole person.

Thanks to the care and professionalism of Samantha Woitkoski, I am functioning in all the above areas in a normal life enhancing fashion. Sam is a great therapist and the Maccio team all part of a wonderful therapeutic environment." -William

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