Friday, April 27, 2018

Back on the Slope Faster than Ever!

"When I walked into the building for my first session I could barely sit in the chair for more than 20 minutes. The pain made me pretty much useless. I couldn’t be the active happy person I usually was. Walking and working out was an issue, and I had to discontinue one of my favorite sports (slalom skiing).  
            After a few weeks of coming here I could feel the relief in my back. I could work out again and doing my school work wasn’t an issue anymore. I had gone to physical therapy before for a torn muscle and these sessions would be close to 2 hours long and were extremely painful. Every time I came here, the sessions were only about half an hour and I would walk out feeling stronger and more confident.
            I had never heard of the McKenzie Method before coming here. I had only heard of and experienced painful physical therapy. The McKenzie Method was faster, less painful, and more effective. I am truly grateful that I came here instead of somewhere else. They got me back on my feet faster than I imagined." -Chase

Maccio Physical Therapy, PLLC
The Capital Regions ONLY Certified
McKenzie Spine and Extremity Clinic
1 New Hampshire Ave, Troy, NY 12180
(518) 273-2121

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