Monday, June 24, 2013

Bike tour de France

I was experiencing pain in my foot so badly, I couldn't work. I did the usual, rest,ice, anti-inflammatories with very little relief. I saw a podiatrist , who diagnosed me with a neuroma "inflamed nerve tissue." She gave me a cortisone shot, arch supports, and a pad in the support. She said if it didn't improve she could operate and remove the nerve. At that point I called Joe, who had helped me in the past with a strained gastroc muscle. I worked with Joe Jr. for four weeks. I can now ride my bike wearing bikes shoes for 40 miles several consecutive days no pain, walk with regular shoes for 6 miles. I am off the meds and enjoying my actual life. I am planning a 8 day bike tour of France in September with 5 days in Paris. Denise D.

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