Thursday, June 6, 2013

Neck/Shoulder/Knee Pain/ Problems Running

I have experienced neck/ shoulder pain resulting in arm numbness and at times extreme pain. When this happened before I tried several different treatments. I had done chiropractic care, pain medication, massage therapy and traditional physical therapy. Nothing seemed to help and to be honest I wasn't so sure why my orthopedic doctor referred me to Maccio physical therapy. I was apprehensive this would provide me with any relief. I can say that within a couple of weeks my pain was dramatically reduced and my functioning level back to normal. The exercises and techniques I was taught are simple and easy to do and the time needed to do all the exercises fits perfectly in my schedule. While being treated for my neck/shoulder problem, I also developed a knee-running problem. After trying different techniques, we were able to find a simple exercise and taping system that has also worked wonders. The staff at Maccio PT are great and I can not be any happier with my results. -R. Meehan

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