Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two Success Stories!

We are posting two patient success stories this month. One a recent patient who after two years of recurrent back episodes became very frustrated and had to be convinced by his primary care physician to try the McKenzie Method. As you will read, his outcomes were excellent and his chance of recurrence are significantly reduced. This particular physician is one of our top referral sources based on the outcomes that he sees from our practice. Unfortunately I continue to hear on a weekly basis the horror stories from other doctors who tell patients not to waste their time with physical therapy or continue to prescribe drugs only without any appropriate exercise which the scientific literature certainly does not agree with. This is why we use patient results to spread the word on how effective the MDT or McKenzie Method approach is and how it can significantly reduce the use of drugs, unnecessary diagnostic testing, and very often surgery. That is why we ask you all to continue to participate in our ’Refer a Friend Program’ as you are the ones that are seeing the outcomes of what we do and are truly our best referral. Our second patient turned her results into a poem which is a first for us and we felt we should share her hidden talent as a poet with all of you!


I could not sit, I could not stand
Nor walk without a helping hand.
All bent over with awful pain,
I thought I’d never walk again.
There was treatment abroad known as PT,
Good for the young but not for me.
‘Not so, not so, “ said my new friend , Joe
“Just do as we say and you’ll be good to go.”
Knee pulls and leg stretch and time on the stim,
Fancy machines and rocking and bends.
Over and over, it was always the same,
‘Till one fine day I ditched the cane!
So while PT’s an option for the young and the bold
Thank God it is here for we who are old!
- G. Dawson


After two years of recurring back episodes, my primary physician urged me to try Maccio Physical Therapy. After a very short time, I’ve experienced a relief I haven’t had in quite some time. However, the aspect of my rehab that really makes me happy is knowing that I have the tools to control my back pain if it ever comes again. Great, friendly, knowledgeable staff!
- John K.