Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Extremity Success!

“I injured my knee dancing in June and prior treatment was unsuccessful in resolving my injury. I came back to school thinking I would not get to dance for the whole semester, or possibly the whole year! In just four weeks of physical therapy, I have gone back to my normal dance and exercise routine, including choreography! I am very happy with the treatments and the results!” Rekha B.

Rekha’s knee pain had been persistent since June 2011. She had X-Rays and had received chiropractic care without any change in symptoms. She was unable to squat or ascend or descend stairs without pain. She was unable to dance as her traditional routine require prolonged squatting. Joe Jr. was able to identify a knee derangement and show her how to resolve her symptoms. She did require mobilizations to completely abolish her remaining symptoms and has been able to return to all her functional activities and dance without recurrence of symptoms.