Monday, May 14, 2018

Good Things Happen to Those Who Wait- Except in the Case of Acute Back Pain!

For the past 31 years we have been seeing acute back pain patients the same day of injury. The outcomes are quite impressive and the risk minimal as there are rarely medications, X-Rays, MRI’s, or consultations needed.

When patients are in acute pain, there needs to be a process to get them to PT immediately. If services are not available during that critical time then outcomes can certainly take a different route. In light of the ongoing opioid problem, there has never been a more important time where same day evaluation and treatment needs to be the gold standard. Here is a success story from a patient seen as a same day referral:

“I got up from my desk at work on a Monday and suddenly experienced back pain. I have never had back issues in the past. On Wednesday, when the pain did not dissipate I decided to see my primary care physician. They evaluated me and felt I had a disc issue in my vertebrae. They recommended I start physical therapy ASAP. I called a PT office affiliated with local hospital and was told they could fit me in 5 days later. I then called Maccio PT and was seen later that day. Lindsay clearly explained the mechanics behind the issue and what I would learn to counter the issue and ultimately resolve the pain. I returned several times over 2 weeks and am thrilled to say that I can comfortably walk out today with relatively no pain just slight achiness that I now have the tools to know how to continue and improve and to be able to avoid future issues.” -Anonymous


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