Tuesday, July 28, 2020

"I Am No Longer in Daily Pain"

“My knee was hurt during a softball game four years ago.  I have been to three doctors and had surgery three years ago.  Unfortunately, no doctor was ever able to tell me what was wrong.  I have also been to many physical therapists and while they were all good, none were able to help my condition.  At Maccio Physical Therapy, I have seen the most improvement and I am no longer in daily pain. Thank you Lindsay!” - Megan 

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

"I'm Grateful for Finding this Practice"

"I presented with sciatic pain that was preventing me from being fully mobile to do my job as a school nurse. My primary doctor referred me to the practice and told me I would be seen quickly and would get the care I needed to get rid of the sciatic pain.
I was seen quickly and within the first week, I was more than halfway to pain-free. The exercises were easy enough to do and the frequency of exercises seems to have worked perfectly. In two weeks my sciatic pain was gone and I got help for some old hip pain and a stiff neck. With more guidance and simple exercises, I am pain-free less than four weeks after my first visit. I am grateful for finding this practice!" - Ann