Thursday, January 17, 2013

BPPV Success Story

I came to Maccio after experiencing dizziness for a little over a week. My doctor referred me. I thought I had an ear infection of some sort and my doctor and the therapists explained it was BPPV. It has to do with your inner ear. I had one physical therapy session where we went through some exercises it lasted approximately 45 minutes. I felt a lot better when I left that session. I felt 100% better the very next day and on the 2nd day out had no dizziness, after only one therapy session. I came back a week later for a follow up and still no dizziness. I was discharged. The staff at Maccio is polite and courteous. My therapists were wonderful and knew their stuff. Thank you Maccio.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Joe Jr.’s McKenzie Training Clinical Experience

I spent the last nine weeks in Austin Texas at St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital completing the clinical component of the McKenzie Diplomat training. Training consisted of seeing patients with two of the McKenzie institute’s top faculty members which allowed for an amazing opportunity to fine tune previously learned skillz and learn more in depth evaluation and treatment techniques. It was exciting to see that treatment methods at one of the most prestigious clinics in the country were not much different then what we have been practicing at Maccio Physical Therapy. There were some minor differences specifically with emphasis on physical examination and new techniques for the treatment of the cervicogenic headache. All new techniques and concepts that were learned will be taught to all the Maccio Physical Therapists in the coming weeks through a weekly in service to continue our efforts in achieving excellent clinical results.