Tuesday, June 30, 2020

"I Was Able to Resume Running Without Pain"

“I came to Maccio Physical Therapy with rather extreme right hip pain.  I tried stretches I found on the internet but nothing was working.  I decided to seek physical therapy and came to Maccio because I had been there years ago and it had worked well.  Lindsay was my therapist and immediately she knew what to do, nothing that I had seen on the internet.  The stretches she gave me to do isolated the injury and slowly stretched out the muscle.  After only a few sessions the pain quickly diminishing until it was completely gone.  I had experienced the most pain while running and was able to resume running without pain at all.  Lindsay was knowledgeable and conscientious about her work.  I am very grateful to Maccio Physical Therapy for helping me become pain-free and able to resume running without further pain or problem.” - Camille 

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

"I Didn't Miss a Single Game"

Men's softball semifinals set - The Martha's Vineyard Times"I came to Maccio Physical Therapy convinced that I needed surgery on my shoulder. I threw my arm out during a men’s league softball game. As an outfielder, I was under the impression I wouldn’t be able to participate anymore. With the expertise at Maccio PT, I didn’t miss a single game. My physical therapist gave me the exercises and stretches necessary to improve the strain while not having to compromise much and continue for the summer. I can say with confidence that my shoulder has improved tremendously each day and it only continues to feel better. I will continue to take their advice and implement the exercises to not re-injure my shoulder. If I ever need PT I will come back to Maccio Physical Therapy without a doubt." - Ryan 

Monday, June 8, 2020

"Telehealth Was Surprisingly Easy"

"I had been suffering from neck pain and had physical therapy in the past, but it came back during quarantine.  I wasn't sure how to take care of it at first due to being at high risk of complications if I went outside my apartment and caught coronavirus.  I was very relieved when I found out that Maccio PT did telehealth appointments, and I was able to set something up with Joe Jr.  It was surprisingly easy to do the appointments over the computer!  Due to the combination of Joe teaching me to slow down while doing the exercises and the fact that quarantine gave me more time to be consistent in doing them, I felt better even faster than in the past.  It was a very pleasant surprise how quickly my healing progressed.  I would urge anyone who is in need of physical therapy to give telehealth a try.  Its great innovation for the strange times we are in!" - Rachel

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I Would Recommend Maccio to Anyone with Unresolved Pain

“I lived with daily pain achiness, stiffness, and just overall discomfort in my neck.  For years I just suffered with feeling miserable everyday energy, mood, and discomfort wise.  I was taking pain medications almost on a daily basis to try and help the discomfort as well as occasional muscle relaxers, both of which never fully resolved the pain just made it more tolerable.  Doctor visits for medications, x-rays showing nothing, even cortisone injections that didn’t work.  Finally, after about 8 years of this and feeling like I was always just going to have to deal with this ongoing neck pain, my doctor referred me to Maccio PT.  The doctors assessed me and worked with me to find the proper exercises to resolve my pain.  After a short time in visiting Maccio (less than 6 months), my pain has basically fully resolved and I’m feeling much happier and energetic being pain-free.  Plus now if I ever have a flare-up I know how to help it.  The doctors and staff were all extremely pleasant, helpful, and accommodating.  I would recommend Maccio to anyone with chronic unresolved pain that they just can’t deal with anymore as I did!  Thank you!” –Jennifer