Monday, October 14, 2013

Qualified for Sectionals!

"I have had back pain for the past two years. I went to other physical therapists and nothing improved. My faith that I would ever play tennis again was ruined. My doctor recommended that I come to Maccio Physical Therapy and this decision was one of the best of my life. Because of Joe and the McKenzie Method, I can now play tennis and qualified for sectionals in 2 weeks. Before coming here, I could not go from sitting to standing without pain, let alone serve a tennis ball. My experience has been so rewarding and I can't thank Joe and his team enough for their help. Hopefully my new back will allow me to play tennis for many years to come." -Carrianna

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to the Soccer Field!

The following success story is of extreme interest in the world of MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment) as MDT is a well established treatment of spinal problems. In recent years it’s influenced the management of extremity problems. MDT has seen significant growth in both research and clinicians ability to accurately diagnose and “rapidly reduce” many orthopedic problems. Currently we find approximately 80% of patients with extremity problems that can be classified under MDT as a “derangement syndrome”. Derangements are conditions that are “rapidly reversible”, often able to correct common orthopedic problems in a matter of days. In the case of Hannah she had bilateral ankle pain with walking and running for two years. She reached a point where it limited her from trying out for her high school soccer team, at which point she consulted us. During her initial evaluation, she was diagnosed as having a bilateral ankle derangement and was given a joint mobilization technique to correct. She was seen for reevaluation four days later reporting 100% reduction in symptoms and able to run and play soccer without pain. This is another great example of how chronic problems can rapidly reduce with being managed under the MDT system. -Joseph R. Maccio, DPT, Dip. MDT 

 “I have been playing soccer all summer for my high school team. I started getting very bad pains in my ankles which limited me from doing as much stuff as my teammates. My mom decided to bring me to physical therapy, I didn't really think that it would help. After going for a couple weeks I have had no more pain and can give 100% at practices and games.” -Hannah 

 No X-Rays, MRIs, or special diagnostic testing were needed to identify Hannah’s problem. She was also referred by family members. This is why we do what we do!

Monday, July 22, 2013

100% in less than two weeks!

In early June 2013 I suffered a lower back injury that was very inconvenient and painful while walking. During this time period I was also training for a position that would require me to be able to endure extreme physical training, daily. On top of being extremely friendly and professional, the staff at Maccio Physical Therapy had me back to running in a week and back to 100% in less than two weeks. I was also given the tools and exercises to keep the pain away. Words cannot express how happy I am that I decided to come to Maccio PT. I have and will continue to encourage friends and family to consider coming to Maccio P.T. Thank you so much for your help! Peter C. Hickey

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bike tour de France

I was experiencing pain in my foot so badly, I couldn't work. I did the usual, rest,ice, anti-inflammatories with very little relief. I saw a podiatrist , who diagnosed me with a neuroma "inflamed nerve tissue." She gave me a cortisone shot, arch supports, and a pad in the support. She said if it didn't improve she could operate and remove the nerve. At that point I called Joe, who had helped me in the past with a strained gastroc muscle. I worked with Joe Jr. for four weeks. I can now ride my bike wearing bikes shoes for 40 miles several consecutive days no pain, walk with regular shoes for 6 miles. I am off the meds and enjoying my actual life. I am planning a 8 day bike tour of France in September with 5 days in Paris. Denise D.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Wonderful Story

I would like to take the time to say how grateful I am for being referred to the Spine Clinic (Maccio PT). I feel it has changed my life for the better. In 2004 I had surgery for a herniated disk in my neck, and have had neck pain on and off since. In the Fall of 2011 it started to get real bad again and I started physical therapy which only made the pain worse, therefore I stopped going. In December 2011 I was in a severe car accident and broke the humorous in my arm and I was laid up for a year after having surgery to put a rod in my arm. My neck started hurting again and my Dr. wanted me to try physical therapy which once again only made the pain worse. In January I was put on a new medication which helped for a little while but then the pain returned. A new Dr. wanted to do injections and possibly another surgery. I was told by a friend that the McKenzie Spine Clinic might be able to help. So I talked to my Dr. and he gave me a referral before going the drastic route of the injections or surgery. After going to the Spine Clinic, I am amazed at what you have done for me. I have been able to cut my medication from 4 times a day to once a day. I am now 98% pain free. I can go back to daily activities that I had to limit for two years including: gardening, lawn work, housework, turning my head when driving... because the pain was unbearable while performing them. You have taught me how to turn the pain off (when it starts) by doing simple exercises when I need it. I am a believer and so grateful to have less pain in my life. Thank you for giving me my life back. Sincerely, G. Garcia

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Neck/Shoulder/Knee Pain/ Problems Running

I have experienced neck/ shoulder pain resulting in arm numbness and at times extreme pain. When this happened before I tried several different treatments. I had done chiropractic care, pain medication, massage therapy and traditional physical therapy. Nothing seemed to help and to be honest I wasn't so sure why my orthopedic doctor referred me to Maccio physical therapy. I was apprehensive this would provide me with any relief. I can say that within a couple of weeks my pain was dramatically reduced and my functioning level back to normal. The exercises and techniques I was taught are simple and easy to do and the time needed to do all the exercises fits perfectly in my schedule. While being treated for my neck/shoulder problem, I also developed a knee-running problem. After trying different techniques, we were able to find a simple exercise and taping system that has also worked wonders. The staff at Maccio PT are great and I can not be any happier with my results. -R. Meehan

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ankle Injury

When I came to Maccio my ankle didn’t work and it was awful! I walked with a visible limp and it hurt all the time. Plus I’m only 20 so this was unacceptable. I could barely flex or point my ankle and it had been 5 months since my injury. However, when I came here the staff kept me hopeful. From the actual physical therapists to the staff at the front desk everyone was always in a good mood and kept moral high. I was really embarrassed about how my ankle acted and how limited it was but every time I came in they were encouraging and friendly. It honestly really helped. I can now squat, jump and run almost normally and by the end of my summer break it will be back to normal. I had other therapists and doctors tell me it may never function the same but everyone here never gave up and it meant a lot. I’m so happy to be back to normal and it is all thanks to everyone here! -Mikayla T.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Walking again

On March 7th I had foot surgery. I had a joint replacement done on my big toe they cut the first metatarsal and put a screw in to give me more movement. I was non weight bearing for six weeks. I came to physical therapy with very little movement in the toe joint. I was not able to walk without limping. I was given some exercise and Joe used stim on the foot to take away the swelling. I am now able to walk without limping. I still get some swelling. In all, the exercises really helped.- Mary E.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Back to the Court!

When I first came here I couldn’t bend or straighten my leg completely. I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t play basketball. After I came I could completely bend and straighten my leg. I didn’t have nearly as much pain. The workers here made me feel comfortable and happy. I’m really glad I came to physical therapy. -Kiara M. __________________________________________________________________________________

Friday, May 3, 2013

Positive Outcomes :)

In February 2013, I injured my back as a result of a fall at work. I was experiencing pain my lower middle back, lower right side of my back and hip area as well as right leg above the knee. I was limping badly, could not work and needed assistance in getting dressed, standing and navigating stairs. Within three or four visits under the care of Joe Jr., I began to feel a little less pain and began to move more independently. The progress continued gradually and with ups and downs which Joe said was to be expected. Today marks the date of my release from this practice and I feel better and have less pain then I’ve known for a long time. Joe Jr. has been a pleasure to work with and a true professional who knows his business. The office staff displays an attitude of helpfulness and congeniality rarely found in a medical care atmosphere. Thank you so much all. -Leroy D.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Poor Posture - A common problem

I came into therapy with neck/upper back pain from years of too much sitting for long periods with poor posture. The pain had recently worsened from my regular practice of break dancing including many head/hand stands. I was given several exercises and a lumbar roll to improve my neck retraction and posture. Results were immediately noticeable and over the next couple weeks I greatly increased my flexibility and eliminated the pain. Joe Sr. and Enida were very helpful and answered a lot of my questions. - Jacob S

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Referred to McKenzie!

I have been an athlete all my life, and at age 49, I sometimes overdo exercise in the gym. With slight scoliosis, my lower back can sometimes be limiting especially given that I work at a computer 9 hours a day. After tweaking my lower back in the gym, I developed nerve pain down the outside of my thigh and around my knee and could not sleep through the night. My sister is a PT in the state of New Jersey and she recommended I see a certified McKenzie Physical Therapy. Maccio PT is the only certified PT in this technique in our area and Joe Maccio is exceptionally skilled with assessment, treatment and education of the patient. After 6 sessions I am pain free and back in the gym doing my McKenzie exercises twice daily. - Kristie S.

Living with Pain

I got into an accident and for almost a year I was constantly in pain. I couldn’t run, stand for a long time or walk without being in pain. Even after my first session I could feel a tremendous relief from the pain. My physical therapist was great! She helped me to get my life back and be pain-free again. Now I can get back to doing the things I love. I would recommend Maccio Physical Therapy to anyone! - Karmin S.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Solving Multiple Problems

Prior to coming to Maccio P.T., I was very frustrated with my condition. I had been referred here because of an ankle issue, along with my ongoing issues with another condition – HSP (Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia). The ankle was addressed right away, and to my happiness, I was introduced to a series of exercises that have helped me manage my day to day dealings with my neurological issue. When I have a flair-up now, I know what to do (exercise wise) to get things back under control. Avoid days off from work, enjoying walking and riding – thanks to the technique of exercises I have been educated on. Thanks! - Steven S.

Get Back to Running!

Before physical therapy I couldn’t walk up a lot of stairs, sit for long periods of time or run without severe pain in my knees. Physical Therapy built me back up to running without pain and without knee braces. I can now sit and run stairs without pain. I am very impressed with Maccio Physical Therapy. - Amanda B.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Foot Pain

I came to physical therapy for pain in my foot so called Plantar Fasciitis. Two months of normal foot doctor protocol sis not work so we decided to try PT after multiple tests it was determined foot pain came from my back. After 4 weeks of back and foot exercises, pain is gone in foot and I can walk again and stand for long periods. Thanks for the help! - Marybeth R.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting Better...

I was injured on 7/10/13 and in a great deal of pain. My mobility was limited and just walking hurt. Sitting was hard to do for any amount of time. Within a few visits to physical therapy my symptoms got much better. I was able to walk with less pain; I could sit for long periods of time. Standing was much better. My sleep has been a problem but has improved somewhat as the pain subsides in my back. I was always treated with compassion and professionalism and I feel I have received the best possible care by all the staff. - Jamie F.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Don't Live with Pain!

I’ve been suffering from back pain for years. After years of office jobs and graduate school I found it nearly unbearable to take on day-to-day tasks or even sleep without pain killers. A couple times a year I would have severe flare ups that made it painful just to turn my head. These were always treated with prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers by the doctors. After injuring my neck again during a Crossfit workout, I finally heeded the advice of a friend and went to Maccio Physical Therapy. After just a few visits and three weeks of exercises I am finally back to Crossfit and feel better than ever. I thought I was just going to have to live with pain for the rest of my life, but after the physical therapy regimen, I no longer have headache and can sleep without taking pain medication. I really cannot thank you enough for improving my quality of life and getting me back to my own fitness regimen! - Julie L.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

McKenzie Method Provides Quick and Easy Relief

I had IT Band Tendonitis effecting the knee and hip with severe pain and difficultly walking. I was unable to practice yoga, I even had pain at night that interfered with sleep and sometimes required a pain reliever. This method has relieved the symptoms and the root cause. I am back to yoga. Walking and daily activity is normal and I no longer need pain relievers. I especially appreciate that the treatment and home practice was very simple and not too time-consuming. Had great, positive results! - Linda

Back and Neck Pain

I have had back and neck problems for about 10 years. I have been to different places for therapy with no results. A friend of mine referred me here. I have had ‘Big Results’ from coming here. I am now in less pain and getting better and better each day. I am truly grateful. I would recommend this place to people I know that are in need of therapy. - Angela

Monday, February 11, 2013

Success Story

Wow! I am totally amazed at the results I’ve experienced. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc pressing on my sciatic nerve. For almost three years I have been living with terrible pain going down both my legs that just kept getting worse. I had been prescribed pain meds, went to a chiropractor, and lastly, getting shots in my spine and the next step was surgery. My mother happened to be going to Maccio Physical Therapy for her knee replacement and her therapist suggested I come see Joe Jr. as he is the “Ninja.” He has earned the nickname! After my first visit, the pain started to subside and now I am pain free. I feel human again and can participate and have a life again. I cannot thank Joe Jr. enough and for the staff for being so friendly. If I ever need physical therapy again, I know where I will be coming. Thank you for giving me my life back! Taryn D.
“This is another great example of how Mechanical therapy can be used to diagnose and treat spinal problems which have failed with other forms of treatment. If you were having similar symptoms this type of treatment can identify whether you will be a responder day one and in Taryn’s example, begin to reduce symptoms as well.
” – Joe Jr.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

BPPV Success Story

I came to Maccio after experiencing dizziness for a little over a week. My doctor referred me. I thought I had an ear infection of some sort and my doctor and the therapists explained it was BPPV. It has to do with your inner ear. I had one physical therapy session where we went through some exercises it lasted approximately 45 minutes. I felt a lot better when I left that session. I felt 100% better the very next day and on the 2nd day out had no dizziness, after only one therapy session. I came back a week later for a follow up and still no dizziness. I was discharged. The staff at Maccio is polite and courteous. My therapists were wonderful and knew their stuff. Thank you Maccio.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Joe Jr.’s McKenzie Training Clinical Experience

I spent the last nine weeks in Austin Texas at St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital completing the clinical component of the McKenzie Diplomat training. Training consisted of seeing patients with two of the McKenzie institute’s top faculty members which allowed for an amazing opportunity to fine tune previously learned skillz and learn more in depth evaluation and treatment techniques. It was exciting to see that treatment methods at one of the most prestigious clinics in the country were not much different then what we have been practicing at Maccio Physical Therapy. There were some minor differences specifically with emphasis on physical examination and new techniques for the treatment of the cervicogenic headache. All new techniques and concepts that were learned will be taught to all the Maccio Physical Therapists in the coming weeks through a weekly in service to continue our efforts in achieving excellent clinical results.