Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Life is good"...

Gerald spent many years in pain and anguish, feeling like he was missing out on life before being convinced to give us a try. We are honored to be able to share such a touching story and hope to continue exceeding our patients expectations! 

            A serious fall years ago left me with back pain that continued to diminish my quality of life. My wife of 47 years finally convinced me to seek help from Maccio Physical Therapy, where she had been a patient before. My first visit was amazing...after answering Joe’s questions and following his instructions, the years of agony were disappearing quickly. At first I was afraid my relief would be short-lived, but I was wrong.
            Fear of surgery kept me from looking for treatment, not realizing my physical restrictions had crept up on me over the years, rendering my activity to just about nothing. Over these years I’ve missed out on so much…my grandson’s football, basketball and wrestling events, treasure hunting with a metal detector or having a motorcycle were ideas of the past. Now, since my initial visit, my daily activity has returned and my confidence is increasing with every move. It’s been so long, you kind of forget how to walk…but now, “life is good”!

            The exercises both during and after treatment are easy, with results that keep me sticking with it. My association with the Maccio clinic was 31 days, from coming in just about cripple to walking out pain free, and Joe sent me on my way like he had little to do with my incredible results. My expectation was an embarrassment after witnessing what the staff, the McKenzie Method and especially Joe have done for me. Thank you all! -Gerald

Monday, December 1, 2014

Moving freely after 10 years in pain...

Rose believed that, after suffering for 10 years, she was destined to spend her days dealing with her back pain. That is, until one acute episode sent her to the ER and prompted her sister to recommend she make an appointment with us. We're so happy to hear from Rose that she continues to be pain free and is feeling better than she has in years!! 

Rose - 11/24/14
            On October 30, 2014 I was brought to the emergency room with unbearable lower back pain. I spent 4 hours undergoing a series of tests – including blood work, x-rays and an EKG. All the tests came back “unremarkable” and I was sent home with two prescriptions, one for pain and one for muscle relaxers.
            After being home for three days, I was feeling little relief from the pills or best rest. So, my sister suggested I go to Maccio Physical Therapy. I called the clinic and got an appointment for an evaluation for the following day. After the eval, I had 5 additional treatment appointments. Right away I began to feel a definite improvement, and the pain subsided after my second treatment. I stopped taking both pills after that second treatment!

I can honestly say this is the first time in 10 years that I have no pain at all in my back. I move more freely, walk with an improved gait, and feel like a new person! The ongoing issue I have had with my back over the past 10 years I am no longer blaming on my age!! The pain is gone! I was always be grateful to Joseph Maccio and his fellow therapist, Amber, who worked with me on every visit. She was exceptional. Thank you! I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Maccio Physical Therapy!  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Action...Suspense...and Success!

John not only gave us feedback on his success at Maccio Physical Therapy, he set the scene for what led to his pain and told of his previous (less than effective) endeavors in seeking relief! We're so happy we were able to free him from pain after all he went through!! 

I was coming out of Florida with the cruise control set at 60mph…it was dark…I was in the center lane. All of a sudden, my van was jolted forward. It took a moment to realize we'd been hit but thankfully, at the time, everyone in the car was fine. However, several days later I awoke to pain in my lower back. I went to the emergency room where they took an x-ray of my back, but it showed nothing. So, I was sent to my primary physician, who referred me to physical therapy. There they hot-packed my back, had me do some stretches and an exercise with a ball between my knees, then put a stimulator and a cold pack on my lower back. This lasted for 4 months with only slight improvement. I then went to an Ortho doctor, he did 6 injections in my back twice, and 1 to my hip. He then gave me a pain patch and muscle relaxers. Lastly, I started seeing a chiropractor 3 times a week, again with no relief. My primary physician saw me regularly throughout this all. He finally sent me to Maccio Physical Therapy. The first visit, they sat me in a chair with a lumbar roll at my back and had me lean back. When they asked me how the pain felt, I realized it had disappeared in that position! Joe Jr., who treated me, said I would be an easy fix and he was right! I saw him 3 times a week for 3 weeks, then 2 times a week, then just once a week. Joe Jr. showed me how to control my pain through the right stretches and exercises. His professionalism and knowledge was the key to my pain relief! Thank you! 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MDT - A Successful Alternative to Surgery!!

After an injury, Donna was confident in the power of MDT to help eliminate her pain and bring her knee back to its former functionality. She was able to reach her goals without surgery! MDT is an excellent option for so many knee, hip, back, and shoulder issues  - whether from an injury or degenerative condition. 

My condition began when I fell down a flight of stairs and unfortunately tore both the ACL & MCL, and incurred other damage, in my left knee. I was in terrible pain and discomfort. I came to Maccio Physical Therapy because I had been once before for back pain and because of my achievements then, I felt confident to return for my knee. Through different techniques and exercises as well as guidance from Amanda, my knee has become much stronger. She also gave me confidence to believe in myself to do what I had to do. I had great, positive results! Though it’s still an ongoing journey, without Maccio Physical Therapy I could not have reached the results and accomplishments I have achieved. Great Job Amanda and to all my family at Maccio Physical Therapy – thank you! I will miss everyone! -Donna, 11/4/2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A speedy recovery!

My recovery from total knee replacement surgery has been nothing short of amazing. Granted, it is hard work but with the encouragement, support and tools provided to me by my therapist Amanda at Maccio Physical Therapy, I know I’ve made far faster progress than other knee replacement patients I’ve spoken with that went elsewhere for therapy. At 5 weeks after surgery, I have 0 to 120 degrees range of motion, I haven’t used a cane for the last 2 weeks, and my continuing recommended exercises show almost daily improvements in my strength. Having total knee replacement surgery is a tough and painful decision, but the improvement to my quality of life is already significant, and I look forward to more progress. I can’t thank Amanda, and the rest of the very friendly staff at Maccio Physical Therapy, enough for helping me through this. 

Terry's story says it all! We're so thankful that he chose our clinic to aid him in his recovery and his success story makes it clear that he knows he made the right decision! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Treatment for all ages...

Patrick, a 13 year old patient, was recently treated in our clinic for back pain. Like many kids his age, Patrick enjoys sports and the outdoors but was missing out because he hurt his back. Within a short time, our MDT certified therapists were able to get Patrick back to, as he puts it, "normal life"! 

I originally came to Maccio because I was experiencing a lot of pain from a bulging disk. Because of this, I was in constant pain which varied when doing things like playing sports, then I was in serious pain. Also, when I gardened or bent over my back stiffened up and really hurt. But, when I went to Maccio, the therapist gave me some easy to follow instructions and advice. Within 2 months, my back had progressed from constant pain to only some pain, to finally being 100%! After my time here, Maccio gave me some things to work on to keep my back strong. Thanks so much to Joe and everyone for returning me to my normal life! – Patrick

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fast & easy pain relief!

Another great success story from a young, active patient who simply needed to be properly evaluated and educated on the right exercises to correct her problem! 

"I was experiencing shoulder pain from no specific event. After self-treatment (ice & anti-inflammatory pills), I was seeing no improvement. My pain was impacting my CrossFit workouts and I was afraid I was injuring myself further. I was referred to Maccio Physical Therapy clinic and after 4 visits over 2.5 weeks, my pain is completely gone. They explained that it was a simple alignment issue and gave me exercises that showed immediate results. I can’t believe how easy and simple the fix was. I should have come sooner! Thank you!!" - Elsa 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Drug-free alternative for pain relief!

A recent testimonial from a patient that provides an excellent example of how using MDT methods to control pain can be far more favorable than prescription drugs! Thankfully this patient was able to find a doctor that made the wise choice to send her to our practice rather than, as she states, "load her up with drugs"! 

"I suffer from RA and it had restricted my use of my lower back and hips. There were many times I was unable to lift myself from a sitting position. After about 2 weeks working with the staff from Maccio PT, I began to get up without much pain. After about 6 weeks, I was not having any problems getting up or down anymore. I would like to thank my doctor for taking the time to not load me up with drugs and instead reach out to the Maccio group for help in making me comfortable. They have done a fantastic job working on my issues and have given me instructions on how not to get into that situation again. Thank you ALL!" - Cheryl, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

MDT can help you manage and prevent back pain for good!

The benefit of the McKenzie MDT approach is that most of our patients become excellent diagnosticians and are basically able to treat themselves upon completion of their program. So many patients have contacted us weeks, months, even years after they've been treated to tell us how well they are doing since treatment. Some of these are patients who suffered with pain for most of their lives but are now experiencing a whole new quality of life thanks to MDT.

The common denominator with most of our successful patients is compliance. In fact, Mary, another patient with a successful outcome, indicated at the end of her success story…. “The most important thing is that it is up to you to follow the instructions. A sign when you come in says in part, “successful outcomes are obtained with compliance of the exercises and schedule,” How true. This almost 80 year old is very pleased with the results. A big thank you.”

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy) over general Physical Therapy?

I injured my back in October of 2014, I had herniated my L4 & L5 discs and was receiving PT treatments elsewhere. Still having extreme pain in January 2014, my pain management Dr. recommended Maccio PT for further treatment. I agreed hoping to be able to eliminate some of the pain but knowing that I would never be pain free. I had given up all activities I enjoyed, working out, gardening, & sewing. I couldn’t walk for ¼ mile without pain. I’d wake up frequently at night as well. I worked with Joe Sr. and even from my first visit I felt pain free, I couldn’t believe it! After following the exercises he prescribed and further treatments I am absolutely pain free! I have and would recommend Maccio Physical Therapy to anyone who has spinal pain or another injury like that. I am so thankful to Joe Sr. for his commitment to my wellbeing and recovery.”

After receiving notification from this patient’s insurance carrier that no further physical therapy would be allowed as fifty visits had already been used elsewhere, we needed to explain the difference between MDT and general PT. First of all, by the time we received the denial notification the patient was pain free and was ready for discharge. When we explained the differences to the carrier they not only agreed to make payment for our services but had cancelled her independent medical exam and hearing. She now has the tools to go back to doing everything she wants to do in life and knows exactly what to do if she encounters any difficulty. This is yet another reason why all of our staff receives MDT training and it must be the primary evaluation method in all musculoskeletal conditions.

Quick recover and back to the football field in no time!

"Before I had surgery on my knee I wasn't able to do any kind of explosive movements like squats, running, jumping and even had a hard time with stairs. I had to red shirt the past football season because of my knee. After surgery I wasn't able to bend my knee at all. I had a hard time walking and I didn't think recovery would be anything quick. By coming to PT I am able to bend my knee completely with no pain. I am also able to walk up stairs and squat with  no pain. With continuing the exercises from P.T. I am confident that I will be back on the football field in no time!