Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Why MDT as the First Choice is the Best Choice

Faith was a direct referral to our office without medications, X-ray, or MRI. Had she had an MRI, it would have been done for her knee, where there is a 60% chance of showing degeneration, and a torn meniscus, which are common findings with people without knee pain.

"My pain began with overuse and repetitive motion of running on the treadmill, and alternating the elliptical. The pain was on the side of my knee, and having been a runner for several years, I suspected an IT band injury. While doing stretches for my IT band, I didn’t experience any improvement in my symptoms, and that frustration brought me here. The pain was hard to identify at first, but one of the first questions I was asked was if I had a history of back problems, and turns out that an injury that healed pretty quickly a few months before was causing referred pain to my knee. This was fixed by simply bending backwards with exercises I could do entirely on my own. As a college student, that control over my movement and healing process was very important to me. My symptoms cleared almost immediately after the first week, and I was back to running and normal movement within 2.5 weeks. Overall, this was a very interesting and inspirational healing experience. I am living proof that the McKenzie Method works wonders." – Faith