Monday, February 11, 2013

Success Story

Wow! I am totally amazed at the results I’ve experienced. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc pressing on my sciatic nerve. For almost three years I have been living with terrible pain going down both my legs that just kept getting worse. I had been prescribed pain meds, went to a chiropractor, and lastly, getting shots in my spine and the next step was surgery. My mother happened to be going to Maccio Physical Therapy for her knee replacement and her therapist suggested I come see Joe Jr. as he is the “Ninja.” He has earned the nickname! After my first visit, the pain started to subside and now I am pain free. I feel human again and can participate and have a life again. I cannot thank Joe Jr. enough and for the staff for being so friendly. If I ever need physical therapy again, I know where I will be coming. Thank you for giving me my life back! Taryn D.
“This is another great example of how Mechanical therapy can be used to diagnose and treat spinal problems which have failed with other forms of treatment. If you were having similar symptoms this type of treatment can identify whether you will be a responder day one and in Taryn’s example, begin to reduce symptoms as well.
” – Joe Jr.