Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two New Success Stories!

We are publishing two new success stories this month to highlight the important role that physical therapy can take in helping rapidly heal chronic pain. Remember, physical therapy is a safe, effective, drug and side-effect-free way to help with your back, neck and extremity pain. Happy reading!

When I came to Maccio, it had been more than two years since my back surgery—and I still hadn’t recovered. I reherniated the same disc I had surgery on and I was in so much pain I could not sit for the length of a movie. My surgeon told me to “Cultivate couch activities” and said I should give up on skiing and hiking—my favorite pastimes. I asked him if physical therapy would help, and he said it was useless. But I couldn’t bear the thought of never hiking again, and it hurt too much to even walk up a paved hill. When my cousin said the McKenzie Method worked for her, I gave Maccio a call...and in less than a month I can move again! I went to movies and actually enjoyed them instead of getting up to stand in back. I started running again. Finally, I went on a 24-hour road trip and faithfully did my stretches at every rest stop—and my back never hurt! Now, I’m slowly increasing core strength and I intend to return to hiking slowly and carefully, but with the confidence of knowing that the McKenzie exercises will immediately be able to resolve any pain I feel. These exercises have given me back my life. - Kathleen


In August of 2010, I was in a car accident and experienced bad pain in my lower back. I was referred to a neurosurgeon by the emergency room. After X-Rays, MRIs, and CT scans I was sent to physical therapy. By December, I was no better. My primary doctor sent me to a chiropractor. I felt relief from that for a few hours after the appointment but by the evening, my normal back pain returned. I went back to the neurosurgeon in May of 2011 and said the pain was still there and now radiating down my leg, and something needs to be done. I was told that I should try steroid injections. I had a CT scan after the injections didn’t help either and was told I needed a spinal fusion. I saw my primary doctor again and she referred me to a second neurosurgeon who said surgery wouldn’t help. After a weekend of complete confusion, I asked my primary to send me to a third neurosurgeon for one last opinion. He said surgery wouldn’t help me and said I needed physical therapy again. I was skeptical since I had already tried it for five months and it did nothing for me, but I went anyway. I called Maccio Physical Therapy and had an appointment the same week. After two days, the pain in my leg was gone and after three weeks of the McKenzie Method, I am close to having my normal life back with my two-year-old son! I’m so grateful I went for a second and third opinion! Maccio has really helped me to get my quality of life back to what it was last spring! - Kristie