Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010: year in review - thanks for all your support!

2010 was one of our better years on record and we can only thank our dedicated patients for referring others and for continuing to support our independent physical therapy practice. This year we welcomed our new Marketing and Patient Representative, Erin Metcalf as Kristin Fowler returned to graduate school at the College of St. Rose for mental health college counseling. Kristin continues to work with us part-time. Kara Maccio is completing her final internship at the Greenville Central School District as a school psychologist. She will complete her certification in May 2011. She continues to work with us on holidays and breaks. Daniel Perry also joined us this year having received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Russell Sage College. Dan has been a valuable addition to our staff. Joe Jr. has also returned this past fall and is preparing to complete his McKenzie certification in 2011. Of course one of the highlights of the year was the infamous luau wedding of our own Nancy J. Clarke-Van Dyke in October! The event was well represented by former and current members of the Maccio Physical Therapy Team. We hope you all have a wonderful and prosperous 2011.

Happy Holidays! Read our latest success story!

For the past 6 weeks, I’ve been undergoing physical therapy with Maccio. Since this treatment I have stopped taking pills because I can use stretches to subside the pain. My quality of life both physically and mentally have improved over the last six weeks. I’ve been suffering with this pain for 5 months now and I feel that I’m having great results with this physical therapy!

David R.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Latest Patient Success Story from Maccio Physical Therapy

“With physical therapy, my terrible headaches have gone! I was really down about them when they told me I was too old for an operation. I am so glad PT was suggested. I was here for the McKenzie Method for my back and it worked. Thank you all so much!”

Joan A.

Cervicogenic headaches are a common condition that we see in our clinic. They are usually the result of compression of the joint in the upper cervical spine which have a very high concentration of nerve tissue and are very easily affected by head posture. It is not unusual for us to see patients who have had headaches for several months or even years who respond quite well simply to corrective exercises and joint mobilizations.

New Worker's Compensation Changes

Beginning on December 1, 2010 the New York State Worker’s Compensation Board will implement new guidelines for the care of back, neck, shoulder and knee injuries. The guidelines are designed to limit the number of visits for particular conditions and limit the types of services we will be able to provide. This is a dramatic change in the current system. Our Association has made several attempts at addressing some of the concerns that patients, providers and industry have raised. There is a variance process available that can only be initiated by a physician. We have heard from some of our physicians who will no longer be participating with Worker’s Compensation. We have been told that the variance process is a five-page report that your physician must complete to substantiate a reason for continuation of physical therapy beyond these guidelines. If you would like to be kept up to date on any changes that occur make sure that we have your email on file so that we may get this information for you in a timely manner.