Wednesday, December 4, 2019

MDT A Great Second Opinion

I suffered right shoulder pain for many years due to my occupation as a professional handyman. After retirement I injured my shoulder lifting weights. My doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who after x-rays and an MRI diagnosed me with a rotator cuff tear that required surgery. When I asked if physical therapy was an option, he said this type of tear only responded to surgery. While contemplating a second opinion I chanced upon an ad for a shoulder Workshop at Maccio Physical Therapy. I attended the workshop and signed up for treatments, and started the therapy program that same day. After 6 weeks I am now on my own with treatment and my condition improved to the best it has been in 20 years. I am glad I did not rush to get the surgery (with its 4-6 months of recovery) as it could not guarantee a pain free repair. My thanks to Maccio’s and the exercises that helped me regain the use of my shoulder after a very long time. - David