Monday, March 9, 2015

The road to recovery

Margaret suffered a terrible break in her arm and knew her recovery would be a lengthy, stressful journey...But we're so glad that with our help, she felt so motivated and supported that she was back to work 2 months before her doctors predicted! Now she's able to continue doing what she loves! 

When I broke my upper arm Memorial Day weekend 2014, I had no idea what lay ahead. I had surgery in early June, then spent 8 weeks not moving my arm. When I started physical therapy at the end of July I had no real function in my arm. I worked with Amanda at Maccio Physical Therapy for 6 months. I went from not even being able to lift or straighten my arm to gaining almost full function back. Amanda worked tirelessly to keep me motivated. She was my biggest cheerleader, applauding even small gains. With hard work and Amanda’s constant support, I was able to return to work, fully functioning, 2 months earlier than my doctors predicted. I send everyone who needs physical therapy to Maccio! I am so full of thanks and gratitude for all their help! - Margaret, February 2015