Thursday, October 30, 2014

A speedy recovery!

My recovery from total knee replacement surgery has been nothing short of amazing. Granted, it is hard work but with the encouragement, support and tools provided to me by my therapist Amanda at Maccio Physical Therapy, I know I’ve made far faster progress than other knee replacement patients I’ve spoken with that went elsewhere for therapy. At 5 weeks after surgery, I have 0 to 120 degrees range of motion, I haven’t used a cane for the last 2 weeks, and my continuing recommended exercises show almost daily improvements in my strength. Having total knee replacement surgery is a tough and painful decision, but the improvement to my quality of life is already significant, and I look forward to more progress. I can’t thank Amanda, and the rest of the very friendly staff at Maccio Physical Therapy, enough for helping me through this. 

Terry's story says it all! We're so thankful that he chose our clinic to aid him in his recovery and his success story makes it clear that he knows he made the right decision! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Treatment for all ages...

Patrick, a 13 year old patient, was recently treated in our clinic for back pain. Like many kids his age, Patrick enjoys sports and the outdoors but was missing out because he hurt his back. Within a short time, our MDT certified therapists were able to get Patrick back to, as he puts it, "normal life"! 

I originally came to Maccio because I was experiencing a lot of pain from a bulging disk. Because of this, I was in constant pain which varied when doing things like playing sports, then I was in serious pain. Also, when I gardened or bent over my back stiffened up and really hurt. But, when I went to Maccio, the therapist gave me some easy to follow instructions and advice. Within 2 months, my back had progressed from constant pain to only some pain, to finally being 100%! After my time here, Maccio gave me some things to work on to keep my back strong. Thanks so much to Joe and everyone for returning me to my normal life! – Patrick

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fast & easy pain relief!

Another great success story from a young, active patient who simply needed to be properly evaluated and educated on the right exercises to correct her problem! 

"I was experiencing shoulder pain from no specific event. After self-treatment (ice & anti-inflammatory pills), I was seeing no improvement. My pain was impacting my CrossFit workouts and I was afraid I was injuring myself further. I was referred to Maccio Physical Therapy clinic and after 4 visits over 2.5 weeks, my pain is completely gone. They explained that it was a simple alignment issue and gave me exercises that showed immediate results. I can’t believe how easy and simple the fix was. I should have come sooner! Thank you!!" - Elsa 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Drug-free alternative for pain relief!

A recent testimonial from a patient that provides an excellent example of how using MDT methods to control pain can be far more favorable than prescription drugs! Thankfully this patient was able to find a doctor that made the wise choice to send her to our practice rather than, as she states, "load her up with drugs"! 

"I suffer from RA and it had restricted my use of my lower back and hips. There were many times I was unable to lift myself from a sitting position. After about 2 weeks working with the staff from Maccio PT, I began to get up without much pain. After about 6 weeks, I was not having any problems getting up or down anymore. I would like to thank my doctor for taking the time to not load me up with drugs and instead reach out to the Maccio group for help in making me comfortable. They have done a fantastic job working on my issues and have given me instructions on how not to get into that situation again. Thank you ALL!" - Cheryl, 2014