Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MRI vs. MDT: Martha made her choice, so can you!

"Four years ago I herniated two discs in my lower back after lifting some heavy boxes.
The doctor I saw gave me a sheet of exercises and told me it would take some time to
heal. After one year, I was pain free. I felt good for 2 years and then out of the blue my
back started hurting again- only this time it was much worse. I went to another doctor
who ordered an MRI and gave me a referral for physical therapy. I chose Maccio because
I had researched the Mckenzie Method online and wanted to try it. When I arrived
at Maccio, I was taking 20 pills a day to control the pain and it wasn’t really
working. After 6 sessions I felt much better and by 9 sessions I was off of all pain
meds. When I returned to the doctor, he said my MRI showed a sever herniation of
discs and the only way to fix it was surgery. It has been six months and I feel great. I
also feel able to manage my own symptoms and am educated on how the back and
spine works." -Martha

Friday, January 8, 2016

Tricia's Success Story: "Within four weeks I was running on a treadmill with no pain."

Five years ago, I was running and stepped into a deep pot hole. I felt and heard my back crunch. I was in excruciating pain! I went to my primary doctor who sent me for an MRI and physical therapy. I went through the cycle of therapy to no avail. I was then sent to a "spine specialist" who said they could do surgery but wouldn't guarantee it would fix me. I then sought the expertise of a well known chiropractor. He would crack and snap me, which seemed to work, until I started running again. He told me I just couldn't run any more. As an avid runner, running 6 miles a day, I was heartbroken.

I took a year off of running and found my back issues getting worse. It hurt anytime I'd do anything - lift heavy objects, sit in the car, or just sit for more than 15 minutes. I decided if I was going to be in pain anyway, I would just start running again. But soon it became unbearable. So, back to the primary, another MRI, more physical therapy, thousands of dollars spent on things that "might help" and nothing- no change! I finally decided to take another year off of running. 

Then, about six months ago, my right leg started to give out for no reason. I remember thinking: I"m only 46 and very active, why is this happening? I was told everything was a result of my back. I was sent for yet another MRI and to yet another physical therapist. I had countless appointments in which I was put in traction, along with other treatments, but I was in more pain now than when I started! I knew something had to change. Again I reached out to my primary. I was prescribed Hydrocodone and given the number to Maccio Physical therapy, a certified McKenzie Spine Specialist. 

They actually listened to me and everything I had to say. Within my first visit they had figured out a crucial key to fixing me. Within four weeks I was running on a treadmill with no pain. With the McKenzie Method I never had to take any pain medication and I feel amazing! They were right there teaching me how to listen to and fix my own body. They are amazing! Thank you for my life back!  

With the McKenzie Method I never had to take any pain medication and I feel amazing!!  My therapist was right there teaching me how to listen to my own body and fix myself! They are AMAZING!! Thank you for my life back!!  - Tricia, October 2015