Friday, November 11, 2016

Why MDT Before MRI

Why MDT Before MRI


Back in 2015, this quote was printed by the McKenzie Institute. "I have never felt more convinced that providing an MDT exam first just makes sense."

"I was taking 20 pills a day to control the pain and it wasn’t really working. By my 8th session I was off all pain meds. When I returned to the doctor he said my MRI showed severe herniation of two discs, and the only way to fix it was surgery. He didn’t believe that I could have improved that much and offered me cortisone shots which I refused." - Martha (Ex Surgical Candidate)

This is why we do what we do!

Monday, October 3, 2016

"It proved to be the best phone call I ever made" - Lou's Success Story

"I have been an active Cross Fitter for nearly five years. Through my time working out, I have never ran into an issue with injuries that prevented me from working out, until last month.

We completed a workout that was heavily focused on shoulders. By the end of the workout, I couldn't raise my left arm without experiencing significant pain. I thought for sure that I may have torn something. 

This couldn't have come at a worse time because I was three weeks away from a physical fitness test for my law enforcement career. The following day I went back to the gym to complete some weighted rope climbs. After completing two, I began experiencing moderate elbow pain. It hurt so bad that I couldn't continue my work out.

I walked right outside and called Maccio Physical Therapy to make an appointment with Joe Jr. It proved to be the best phone call I could have made because Joe was quickly able to help me stop the pain while continuing to train. Last week, I passed my PT test and without Joe's help, I'm not sure I would have made it. I would recommend Maccio Physical Therapy to anyone who is serious about regaining mobility." - Lou

Thursday, September 29, 2016

After suffering for 10 years with foot pain, Reissa is pain free!

“I am a disabled veteran with existing prior injuries that happened during my enlistment. Fallen arches are one of those issues. I had been on a waiting list to see an orthopedist at the VA, having to wait from July and still waiting now for an October 5th appointment. In that time, I rolled my right ankle and had a severe sprain that landed me in another cam walker boot. I was prescribed PT through a civilian ortho and referred to Maccio PT by my mom who had back pain. When I came in initially, I was in the boot and could hardly bear weight on my right foot/ankle.
After 6 weeks of regular visits to Maccio with exercises that were aimed at also helping my arches with the ankle, I was discharged. It was faster than anyone expected and after having done 6 ½ + months of PT in the service, I too was skeptical and afraid it would hurt and cause greater discomfort. 
My therapy was, after the initial visit, painless! By the third visit, I was walking again! Not only did they help alleviate pain I’d had for 10+ years, but the staff was equally incredible. I work nearby, but live far (45 minutes), so if I had a later afternoon appointment, but left work just after noon, I was still welcomed and seen. Awesome, friendly staff helps heal, too! I recommend this group to anyone!”
-Reissa, September 2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"I was independently doing my daily activities in 2 to 3 days": Rita's Success Story

“I came to Maccio Physical Therapy with severe lower back pain that prevented me from many daily tasks. I was taking pain killers and muscle relaxers to get through the day. I was unable to sleep without pain, dress the way I typically would, and was relying on others to assist me throughout the day for the four days I was injured before coming here. As I started the stretches/exercises advised at Maccio, I was independently doing my daily activities in two to three days. By the end of my second week here I am 100% pain free and back to my day to day life activities. I will continue to do the preventative stretches/exercises as advised to stay limber and pain free.” 
–Rita, September 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

Holly's Success Story

Patient Description:

  •  Diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, caused by an injury to her foot, as per her podiatrist
  • Patient had no known injury to her foot
  • Tried insoles, ice, a boot and cortisone shots without relief
  • At final doctor’s appointment, was told that the next step would involve more invasive surgery and the condition might never go away

          “When listening to Holly tell her story on her first visit, she seemed confused by her pain. She was caught in a process where she had been chasing her symptoms, leading her to try a wide variety of treatments, ranging from night casting to steroid injections. All of these attempts provided temporary relief, but came up short in providing the long-term solution that she was looking for.
Within a week at Maccio, Holly was able to fully get rid of her ankle pain. More importantly, she finally gained some clarity with her symptoms and was able to understand how her pain worked. This gave her a long term solution that she is now able to self-manage her ankle. She also went through this same process with her thumb that she was experiencing pain in.
As Holly’s pain and discomfort decreased, her confidence in her work and social life increased. The McKenzie Method provided the relief that she needed and she surely is a patient that I won’t forget! –Andy Braga, SPT

Holly’s Final Statement:

“I was evaluated and then given an exercise to faithfully do and to see if there was any improvement. Two days later, I returned and my exercise was fine-tuned. I went home and the more I did it, the less pain I had. I continued with this regiment and returned pain free in just four days! I now have the tools to use at home should any symptoms return. If I do my exercise, the symptoms go away. Most importantly, I’ve prevented a flare-up from happening. I highly recommend this natural approach to healing. I am not only leaving this office pain free, but also with an exercise to do, which helps my body heal itself.”

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My only regret- not finding Maccio PT sooner: Amanda's Success Story

“Approximately 10 years ago, I injured my upper back and was able to recover (eventually) through ice massages, Motrin and rest. The pawn was at bay until recently when I decided to power wash my front porch at 8 months pregnant. With impending maternity leave and a current pregnancy, ice massages were my only option- which only relieved the pain for minutes. Sitting at my desk at work was beyond excruciating and the drive home was unbearable. After several weeks of agony and decreased productivity at work, a quick internet search led me to Maccio Physical Therapy. I noticed improvement after my first visit and had 100% improvement in less than three weeks. Since feeling better, I feel like I can conquer the world! I finished the nursery, tied up loose ends at work and have cleaned the whole house. I couldn’t be happier with my results. My only regret: not finding Maccio Physical Therapy sooner! Thank you for giving me my pep in my step back!”

-Amanda, August 2016

Monday, August 22, 2016

From Opioid Addiction, To Healthy Pain Managment: Sean's Success Story

“My first day going to PT was like most days where my motivation, mood and overall outlook on life was affected by the amount of pain I was experiencing in my lower back and jaw. Both areas had been injured in my past and the only way I knew of to help me with the pain was through the use of opioids. 

Painkillers, heroin and other narcotics became an issue that has plagued my life on and off for the last 10 years. This addiction was often triggered during relapse because of the amount of pain I was dealing with throughout the day. I didn’t think there was anything that could help with the pain or the addiction. I felt trapped, helpless and doomed to live a life of misery and pain. I eventually sought help to treat the addiction and held out hope that I could find a way to manage my pain in a healthy way. 

When I talked to my doctor at Upstate Medical in Troy, NY, she said that she could refer me to the best physical therapy treatment center in New York. I was skeptical at first because I thought this was something that all doctors say when they refer you somewhere, but after a few weeks with my physical therapist, I knew that I found the right place. 

I felt welcomed by the staff on my first day and explained my situation to my therapist, who was very understanding of what I was going through in my recovery. The approach was very simple and after a few movements of my back and neck, My therapist recommended the exercises that would help me make a full recovery from the scapegoat that played a major role during my active addition. 

Maccio Physical Therapy has made a great difference in my life today and for that I am extremely grateful. I would recommend anyone who is suffering through the same circumstances that put me through years of active addiction to give this team a chance to improve your quality of life.“

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"I have my social life back and I couldn't be happier" - Chris' Success Story

“I had previously pursued pretty much every treatment option out there with almost no improvement in my condition before coming to Maccio Physical Therapy. I was told that I needed surgery by a neurosurgeon and that was the last thing I wanted to hear. I started working with Joe and within the first few visits I started to see improvement. I had a few setbacks along the way, but stuck with my exercise program. Now my condition has improved way beyond what I could have ever imagined. I now have the tools I need to continue to keep up good health long after leaving physical therapy. Joe was an amazing guy to work with and he always took the time needed to get me to where I needed to be. I could barely walk when I first came here. Now I have my social life back and I couldn’t be happier.” –Chris Trager, August 2016

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Marilyn tries MDT after 3 years of "just living with" her pain

“I have suffered with achilles tendinitis for 3+ years. I had taken medication to relieve the near constant pain, but did not want to take it forever. I had seen a podiatrist and gotten a cortisone shot that only helped for 3 weeks. I decided to just live with the pain up until recently, when a friend recommended her podiatrist to me. I thought maybe I would give it one more try. Since I have been in pain for so long, the doctor said to try PT first for 6 weeks.
Another friend has just recently mentioned how much Maccio has helped with her back and explained the McKenzie Method. So I thought I’d try Maccio even though I live in Clifton Park. The first appointment was so encouraging. I was given an exercise to do and I immediately saw a HUGE improvement.
Since I had such amazing results, I wanted to see if they could help with my almost-constant lower lumbar pain that I “just live with.” For the next several weeks, I had foot and back exercises and am now 95% pain free!
Since my issues have been so long-standing, the last little bit to 100% will take a little more time. I am happy to be able to exercise and sit without pain. The best part is that Joe, Kelsey, Sam and Lindsay have given me the tools that will allow me to manage my pain; so when I sense some back pressure, I know what to do to alleviate it. I don’t have to use meds or wait to get an appointment.
Although I also want to say that this was never an issue- I was always encouraged to call if I had a problem (I did once and was called right back) and I could easily get my appointments. I will recommend Maccio to all my friends. Thank you for being patient with me, encouraging me, educating me and “healing” me!”
-Marilyn, July 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Successfully managing your pain through MDT: Edward's success story

“I have been to Maccio Physical Therapy several times over the past 10 years. Each time, I have learned how to successfully manage my severe disc problem without surgery, which was originally recommended to me. I would recommend that everyone with back problems try the McKenzie Method first before considering injections, surgery or any invasive treatment. It gave me my life back.” 

–Edward, July 2016

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Breaking through the fear of falling

"I was in so much pain that I couldn't even walk. I wasn't able to sit up or do any work around the house.  My doctor recommended Maccio Physical Therapy. Thank goodness I started therapy within a couple of days and noticed the results happening. Joe and his staff worked wonders and I never would be where I am without them. Now I feel confident about going up and down the stairs without being afraid of falling. I will definitely recommend Maccio to anyone who needs therapy." -Nancy, July 2016

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lynne said no to cortisone injections, yes to PT

"I came to Maccio Physical Therapy for sciatica and back pain relief.  I had previously been to see an Orthopedic doctor, who only suggested cortisone injections, which I declined. For this recent episode of pain, I couldn't get an appointment to see an Ortopedic doctor for four weeks. I knew of the excellent reputation of Maccio Physical Therapy, so I went there. After 8 sessions, I am pain free and feel that I can do all the movements I could previously do. It feels great to be pain free thanks to the help of the therapists at Maccio PT. I will continue to do the exercises as needed to maintain my spine health. So glad I decided to come to this office for help!" -Lynne, July 2016

Friday, July 1, 2016

After four years of lower back pain and sciatica, Dan is "back to normal!"

"I started going to Maccio Physical Therapy after about four years of suffering from lower back pain and sciatic nerve issues that caused shooting pain down my leg and into my foot. I decided it was time to get help after muscle relaxers prescribed to me by multiple doctors did nothing to alleviate the issues I was having. 

After about my third or fourth visit with Amber, I noticed I was able to bend over fully and touch my toes - something I hadn't been able to do without pain in years!

I saw Amber a total of eight times and by the last visit I was pain free for the first time in a year. I now not only know how to prevent the back problems I once had, but how to correct them in the future if they ever present again. Thank you Maccio Physical Therapy and Amber for helping me get back to normal!" -Dan, June 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Back on the field: Christopher's success story

“I hurt my right shoulder to the point where I couldn’t even change my shirt without extreme pain. An MRI said I stretched a ligament and my doctor told me to just rest and it would get better, but it didn’t. Ten days later, I still couldn’t participate at football camp. It hurt even when my mom hit a bump in the road. 

I came to Maccio Physical Therapy and Lindsey showed me exercises the first day to do when I went home. She checked my motion and by the end of the visit after repetitive motions she showed me my motion increased. 

After two to three visits, my motion resumed to normal and the pain was greatly reduced. I went back to football and participated without further injury. I know what exercise to do if it returns and know they work. It’s like magic.”
-Christopher, June 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016

From Pain Meds Every Four Hours to No Pills: Andrea's Success Story

“I woke up on a Monday morning with sharp, chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. The pain went from zero to 10 overnight. It was many weeks of ibuprofen daily, trying massage, acupuncture, ice, heat and inflammatory meds with little success. A visit to the orthopedist told me it was likely a bulging or dislocated cervical disc. I did physical therapy [elsewhere], still with no results. It had been 5 to 6 weeks of constant, debilitating pain (8-9 out of 10). When a friend suggested Maccio Physical Therapy, I was able to get an appointment the same day. From my initial assessment and exercises, to follow up over the following weeks, Joe Jr. helped me to regain mobility and reduce pain levels. It was fabulous to actually witness myself going from four Ibuprofen every four hours, to two every four hours, to two every eight etc. Within a few more weeks, no more pills! The McKenzie Method is gentle and effective and Maccio PT is highly recommended!” 
– Andrea

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Overcoming Vertigo: Linda's Success Story

"I had sharp pain in my lower back for awhile that was getting worse. I came to Maccio PT on the advice of my sister Judy. I was evaluated, treated and given detailed exercises to do at home. My pain was eventually getting less and less and one day while being evaluated, one of my exercises was to bend down. I came back up and I got one of those dizzy spells I had been having, just attributing it to the beginning stages of vertigo, which I had a severe case of ten years ago.
Linda's before and after illustration.

I stood up this time and the room spun to where I felt nauseated and looked at Amanda. She asked if I was okay and I said it's just one of those dizzy spells I had way back when I had vertigo for three weeks. She said that it was probably a crystal that was traveling through my ear canal that needed to either dissolve or work its way back.

I never knew vertigo could be treated. Years ago, they couldn't do anything but give medication for nausea. Well, Amanda treated me for positional vertigo and now I'm fine! I'm amazed I no longer feel dizzy- especially getting out of bed in the morning or turning my head in my sleep.

I came in for my back pain (which is gone, by the way) and also got rid of my vertigo at the same time. I'm back to going to the gym, now taking it a little easier. I'm getting older now and am on my own. I have my strength back." -Linda, February 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016

Back to enjoying dance: Michael's success story

"The upper back inflammation localized and eventually subsided..the low back pain was immediately greatly diminished."

“I was having pain in my middle and upper back. I am familiar with several types of muscular pain and this felt nothing like that. If anything- it felt like bruising, even though there was no bruise or swelling. In addition, I was having worsening pain in my lower back. I dance at least twice weekly and these problems affected my ability to perform certain moves and my overall enjoyment of dancing. 

During the course of several weeks, I also experienced worsening pain in one of my shoulders that was greatly exacerbated by dance movements that involved bearing my partners weight. The pain radiated into my arm and made holding my partner quite painful. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

One more try at physical therapy before surgery, discharged pain free: Shawn's success story

“I arrived at Maccio Physical Therapy confident I was wasting my time, only going there to satisfy a friend who asked me to give it a shot. 

I was already considering surgery through a neurosurgeon. Why not? I had two bad discs and stenosis of the spine, which were all proven by MRI. I had already done PT elsewhere, tried shots in the back and nothing was working. I was positive only surgery would help. 

I was sure I was wasting my time. I’m so glad I was wrong. After working with Maccio PT, I have been able to manage my pain, eliminating my perceived notion that I “needed” surgery. I am sleeping so much better, There is no more burning down my legs- no more “restless leg” syndrome. 

My life has improved greatly since visiting Maccio PT. I would strongly recommend making an appointment. If you have been suffering with back pain, especially if you’ve been told back surgery is your only option…it isn’t! Trust me. McKenzie Physical Therapy works and Maccio PT is the place to go. Thank you to the staff at Maccio. I have my life back!” –Shawn, May 2016

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"I want to learn what I need to do to FIX the pain" : Katherine's Success Story

“I had severe neck and shoulder pain for about three months. I thought that it might have been a pinched nerve or stressed muscle but I wasn’t quite sure exactly what was wrong or what I needed to do to fix it. In the past when I had these problems, I would get a massage and be good to go. The massage didn’t work so a friend of mine suggested that I go to a chiropractor. Unfortunately, the chiropractor wasn’t going to be a good fit for me because after an initial consultation, x-rays and a follow up appointment, I was told that I would have to come back for follow up treatments 2 times a week for 18-20 weeks. This was NOT an option for me. 

I am a super busy person who is constantly in motion and I didn’t have the time for this type of treatment. Now, you are likely thinking- why didn’t you go to a doctor? The reason being: I am not a big fan of our traditional medical system. I don’t want to take any medications to ease pain. I want to learn what I need to do to FIX the pain. I was seeking other options that I thought would be more cost effective and I was worried that Physical Therapy would be way out of my price range. But I had enough. 

At the suggestion of another friend and after hearing about my roller-coaster ride, I walked into Maccio PT and met Joe. That day I was in severe pain. I couldn’t bend down to put on my shoes or move the right half of my body without screeching out in pain. This was absolutely no way to live and I didn’t care how much it cost- if they could help me, it was going to be worth it. 

Maccio got me in that day and after the first two stretches I was able to move my head, neck and shoulder. It was nothing short of amazing. 

I got stretches to do at home and I had all that I needed to care for myself at home. Two weeks later I had full range of motion again. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the amazing care and expertise of the Maccio Physical Therapy team. It is without question that I recommend them.” 

–Katherine, May 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2016

From Sleepless Nights to a Pain Free Life: Nalaysha's Success Story

“My doctor was pushing for me to get surgery for the four bulging discs I had in my back. However, I wanted to explore my options before just jumping into surgery. I made a good call. 

Since coming here, my symptoms and pain have improved tremendously. Prior to PT, I was unable to bend my neck up or down without getting dizzy or lightheaded. Now I can move without any problems. The headaches I used to get from the neck and back pain have gone away as well. 

I feel a lot better and now have more energy. Thank you Maccio Physical Therapy for your help and a big thank you to Linsday for her time. I greatly appreciate it.” 
–Nalaysha, May 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

Gymnast is back to a "Happy Handstand" after PT

Anne, April 2016

“Being in pain is no fun. On February 8, 2016, I was in a car accident which caused a seat belt injury to my left ribs. The E.R. said nothing was broken, but after three weeks of taking pain meds and still suffering, I began to experience back and side spasms. This led me to go to an on-call, where they were hesitant to send me to P.T., but finally agreed. I immediately called Maccio PT.

I chose Maccio PT because I had previously been successfully treated here. As an avid runner, I was referred there by a Orthopedic Sports Dr. about three years ago when I was experiencing plantar fasciitis in one foot, a stress reaction in the other foot and lower back issues. Since following the Maccio treatment plan, I had been running pain free, until the accident occurred.

With this injury it hurt to breathe, cough and sneeze- let alone run, jump or workout! This made my job as a gymnastics coach almost impossible. Skills that I normally demonstrate or spot on a daily basis were just too painful to do. Thankfully Joe and Lindsay knew exactly what exercises to prescribe for me. By following their plans, I quickly progressed so that after a week I could start running again. By one month I was able to spot and demonstrate at the gym again.

By choosing Maccio I have witnessed, now twice, the successful application of the McKenzie Method on four different areas of the body. Thank you Joe Sr. and Lindsay for getting me back to “joyful” running and being able to have a “happy handstand!”

This is why we do what we do!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MRI vs. MDT: Martha made her choice, so can you!

"Four years ago I herniated two discs in my lower back after lifting some heavy boxes.
The doctor I saw gave me a sheet of exercises and told me it would take some time to
heal. After one year, I was pain free. I felt good for 2 years and then out of the blue my
back started hurting again- only this time it was much worse. I went to another doctor
who ordered an MRI and gave me a referral for physical therapy. I chose Maccio because
I had researched the Mckenzie Method online and wanted to try it. When I arrived
at Maccio, I was taking 20 pills a day to control the pain and it wasn’t really
working. After 6 sessions I felt much better and by 9 sessions I was off of all pain
meds. When I returned to the doctor, he said my MRI showed a sever herniation of
discs and the only way to fix it was surgery. It has been six months and I feel great. I
also feel able to manage my own symptoms and am educated on how the back and
spine works." -Martha

Friday, January 8, 2016

Tricia's Success Story: "Within four weeks I was running on a treadmill with no pain."

Five years ago, I was running and stepped into a deep pot hole. I felt and heard my back crunch. I was in excruciating pain! I went to my primary doctor who sent me for an MRI and physical therapy. I went through the cycle of therapy to no avail. I was then sent to a "spine specialist" who said they could do surgery but wouldn't guarantee it would fix me. I then sought the expertise of a well known chiropractor. He would crack and snap me, which seemed to work, until I started running again. He told me I just couldn't run any more. As an avid runner, running 6 miles a day, I was heartbroken.

I took a year off of running and found my back issues getting worse. It hurt anytime I'd do anything - lift heavy objects, sit in the car, or just sit for more than 15 minutes. I decided if I was going to be in pain anyway, I would just start running again. But soon it became unbearable. So, back to the primary, another MRI, more physical therapy, thousands of dollars spent on things that "might help" and nothing- no change! I finally decided to take another year off of running. 

Then, about six months ago, my right leg started to give out for no reason. I remember thinking: I"m only 46 and very active, why is this happening? I was told everything was a result of my back. I was sent for yet another MRI and to yet another physical therapist. I had countless appointments in which I was put in traction, along with other treatments, but I was in more pain now than when I started! I knew something had to change. Again I reached out to my primary. I was prescribed Hydrocodone and given the number to Maccio Physical therapy, a certified McKenzie Spine Specialist. 

They actually listened to me and everything I had to say. Within my first visit they had figured out a crucial key to fixing me. Within four weeks I was running on a treadmill with no pain. With the McKenzie Method I never had to take any pain medication and I feel amazing! They were right there teaching me how to listen to and fix my own body. They are amazing! Thank you for my life back!  

With the McKenzie Method I never had to take any pain medication and I feel amazing!!  My therapist was right there teaching me how to listen to my own body and fix myself! They are AMAZING!! Thank you for my life back!!  - Tricia, October 2015