Thursday, June 7, 2018

Another Reason Why MDT Assessments is More Revealing Than X-Rays

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"I had been experiencing severe pain and tenderness in my knee. When I went to my orthopedist, I was told there wasn’t much I could do and that I should take Motrin and lose weight. He pointed out that I didn’t have a great deal of cartilage left in my knee and that a knee replacement was something that I would have to face at some point. He told me to avoid walking and taking stairs but the pain continued for another two weeks so I went to see Joe Maccio. He did an assessment and gave me one very easy exercise and I felt better after the first visit. By the following week I had virtually no pain and was able to resume my exercise routine. He is a miracle worker!"

Wow, another reason why you don't want to rely on X-rays. Knee derangements are very common and typically respond very quickly regardless of an X-ray finding. The patient was seen for her initial visit, given the corrective exercises for the positive response, and seen for one follow up. She is now back in the gym doing what she wants to do!

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