Monday, April 29, 2013

Poor Posture - A common problem

I came into therapy with neck/upper back pain from years of too much sitting for long periods with poor posture. The pain had recently worsened from my regular practice of break dancing including many head/hand stands. I was given several exercises and a lumbar roll to improve my neck retraction and posture. Results were immediately noticeable and over the next couple weeks I greatly increased my flexibility and eliminated the pain. Joe Sr. and Enida were very helpful and answered a lot of my questions. - Jacob S

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Referred to McKenzie!

I have been an athlete all my life, and at age 49, I sometimes overdo exercise in the gym. With slight scoliosis, my lower back can sometimes be limiting especially given that I work at a computer 9 hours a day. After tweaking my lower back in the gym, I developed nerve pain down the outside of my thigh and around my knee and could not sleep through the night. My sister is a PT in the state of New Jersey and she recommended I see a certified McKenzie Physical Therapy. Maccio PT is the only certified PT in this technique in our area and Joe Maccio is exceptionally skilled with assessment, treatment and education of the patient. After 6 sessions I am pain free and back in the gym doing my McKenzie exercises twice daily. - Kristie S.

Living with Pain

I got into an accident and for almost a year I was constantly in pain. I couldn’t run, stand for a long time or walk without being in pain. Even after my first session I could feel a tremendous relief from the pain. My physical therapist was great! She helped me to get my life back and be pain-free again. Now I can get back to doing the things I love. I would recommend Maccio Physical Therapy to anyone! - Karmin S.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Solving Multiple Problems

Prior to coming to Maccio P.T., I was very frustrated with my condition. I had been referred here because of an ankle issue, along with my ongoing issues with another condition – HSP (Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia). The ankle was addressed right away, and to my happiness, I was introduced to a series of exercises that have helped me manage my day to day dealings with my neurological issue. When I have a flair-up now, I know what to do (exercise wise) to get things back under control. Avoid days off from work, enjoying walking and riding – thanks to the technique of exercises I have been educated on. Thanks! - Steven S.

Get Back to Running!

Before physical therapy I couldn’t walk up a lot of stairs, sit for long periods of time or run without severe pain in my knees. Physical Therapy built me back up to running without pain and without knee braces. I can now sit and run stairs without pain. I am very impressed with Maccio Physical Therapy. - Amanda B.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Foot Pain

I came to physical therapy for pain in my foot so called Plantar Fasciitis. Two months of normal foot doctor protocol sis not work so we decided to try PT after multiple tests it was determined foot pain came from my back. After 4 weeks of back and foot exercises, pain is gone in foot and I can walk again and stand for long periods. Thanks for the help! - Marybeth R.