Thursday, April 30, 2020

"My Telehealth Experience"

"Right before the “New York On Pause” social distancing protocols were put in place I started physical therapy for my hip. I had sustained an injury that resulted in an ER visit due to the extreme pain. After two visits in person I decided to try a Telehealth visit through the Google Meets platform with Joe Jr. He was able to observe my hip movements and easily make corrections to my exercises. I have been engaging with him through video bi-weekly and am experiencing much progress with my painful injury. I am no longer limping and he is able to spot through video when I am not doing the exercises correctly. 
The idea of physical therapy through video seemed counter-intuitive at first but I am glad that I decided to give it a try! I normally travel almost an hour for my appointments since I have found that the Mckenzie Method that they practice to be extremely helpful, so it is indeed a silver lining that I am able to save time on my commute as well."  

Friday, April 24, 2020

"Success Through Telehealth"

"I was 36 years old, relatively young and fit, and was thinking that intermittent neck pain might just be my new normal. It's wasn't debilitating, but it certainly sucked the joy out of my life. I had to consider how my neck might react before getting in the car for a long trip, roughhousing with my kids, or even reading a good book in a reclined position before bed. Because of the intermittent way the pain would hit, I'd waited way too long to do anything about it. I started at my primary, and they referred me to traditional physical therapy. I went diligently twice a week for an hour each time and did all of the prescribed exercises for two months. It was hard to tell if I was accomplishing anything, but I don't really think so. I decided to try seeing a chiropractor. They did an adjustment, and while it did feel great (and I still see them sometimes) it didn't solve my problem. I finally buckled down and saw a specialist who referred me to Maccio Physical Therapy for Mckenzie Method Physical Therapy.

I met Joe on my first appointment. He did an evaluation and explained in a clear and concise way what my issue was, and what specific exercises I would need to do in order to heal. It wasn't a laundry list of general exercises like I had been doing previously for hours each day, but rather a single specific maneuver that could be completed in just a few minutes several times a day. Joe talked me through the whole course of what we would be doing to get me well, and we began. After that initial appointment, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. I slacked off on my exercises and canceled my appointments as I had other things that I needed to focus on, but before long, Joe had called to check up on me, and we decided to proceed with telehealth appointments. Joe is so proficient and knowledgeable, that we were able to proceed without any issues at all. He would have me turn the computer different ways to get different views of me doing exercises, and he could show me and tell me what to do just as he would have with an office visit. 

I am a few weeks into things now and have noticed a significant improvement. I am not at 100% yet but feel that I am over the hump, and most importantly, now have the knowledge and tools that I need to keep improving, and to keep my neck healthy.

Thanks so much, Joe, and the staff at Maccio Physical Therapy!" ~Jesse

Thursday, April 2, 2020

"No Pain Meds or Drastic Measures"

“When I first began to experience lower back pain, I thought it was age related.  I saw a chiropractor with some improvement at first but I continued to have pain throughout my lower body with numbness and tingling.  When I realized it was changing my life and kept me from doing things I enjoyed (golf, skiing, traveling) I knew I had to do something.  Susan Stein FNP recommended Dr. Maccio.  After only a few visits I noticed some improvement and within 2 months I felt little to no pain.  I now have a few exercises I can use regularly to keep my pain at bay, and thankfully I never needed to rely on pain meds or drastic measures.  Thank you for all your help!” - Kristin