Friday, June 25, 2010

Foot and Ankle Course

On Thursday June 17 our entire clinical staff attended the “Effective Examination and Treatment Techniques for Foot and Ankle” course which was offered here in Albany. Dr. Jim Keller presented an outstanding seminar on the biomechanics of the foot and ankle as they relate to potential problems with lower extremity and spinal conditions. The kinetic chain demonstrations and how they influence foot position were quite enlightening and added valuable evaluative and treatment techniques to our current musculo-skeletal and neuromuscular evaluation systems. This was a great team building experience as we were able to compare ideas among our own clinicians as well as those from throughout the country about how to effectively manage foot, ankle and lower extremity dysfunction. It was amazing to feel the difference in foot position by simply strengthening and isolating trunk or other lower extremity muscles. This adds a whole new realm of options in difficult foot and ankle pain which has not responded to traditional methods of care.

Our latest patient success story!

I began the McKenzie Method of physical therapy on May 14th, 2010. My primary physician recommended that I do this to alleviate the back and leg pain I was having from degenerative disc disease. My pain level was at a 10! I learned about centralization techniques to get the pain out of my leg and into my back. After only 8 visits, I had completely centralized and I was pain-free!. This technique will now be part of a new lifestyle for me.
- Patricia F.