Monday, September 29, 2014

MDT can help you manage and prevent back pain for good!

The benefit of the McKenzie MDT approach is that most of our patients become excellent diagnosticians and are basically able to treat themselves upon completion of their program. So many patients have contacted us weeks, months, even years after they've been treated to tell us how well they are doing since treatment. Some of these are patients who suffered with pain for most of their lives but are now experiencing a whole new quality of life thanks to MDT.

The common denominator with most of our successful patients is compliance. In fact, Mary, another patient with a successful outcome, indicated at the end of her success story…. “The most important thing is that it is up to you to follow the instructions. A sign when you come in says in part, “successful outcomes are obtained with compliance of the exercises and schedule,” How true. This almost 80 year old is very pleased with the results. A big thank you.”