Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to the Soccer Field!

The following success story is of extreme interest in the world of MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment) as MDT is a well established treatment of spinal problems. In recent years it’s influenced the management of extremity problems. MDT has seen significant growth in both research and clinicians ability to accurately diagnose and “rapidly reduce” many orthopedic problems. Currently we find approximately 80% of patients with extremity problems that can be classified under MDT as a “derangement syndrome”. Derangements are conditions that are “rapidly reversible”, often able to correct common orthopedic problems in a matter of days. In the case of Hannah she had bilateral ankle pain with walking and running for two years. She reached a point where it limited her from trying out for her high school soccer team, at which point she consulted us. During her initial evaluation, she was diagnosed as having a bilateral ankle derangement and was given a joint mobilization technique to correct. She was seen for reevaluation four days later reporting 100% reduction in symptoms and able to run and play soccer without pain. This is another great example of how chronic problems can rapidly reduce with being managed under the MDT system. -Joseph R. Maccio, DPT, Dip. MDT 

 “I have been playing soccer all summer for my high school team. I started getting very bad pains in my ankles which limited me from doing as much stuff as my teammates. My mom decided to bring me to physical therapy, I didn't really think that it would help. After going for a couple weeks I have had no more pain and can give 100% at practices and games.” -Hannah 

 No X-Rays, MRIs, or special diagnostic testing were needed to identify Hannah’s problem. She was also referred by family members. This is why we do what we do!