Friday, April 13, 2012

Success Story

I have had back pain on and off since 2007. It got really bad in the fall of 2011. I started going to a chiropractor two times a week. This helped for a little while. He didn’t feel I was making enough progress so I had an MRI. I was diagnoses with a slipped disc. I then had to go see an orthopedic doctor. I then started PT with a physical therapist and I went there two times a week for four months with little improvement. I was headed for steroid shots or surgery until a friend recommended to my mom I go to somebody who specialized in the McKenzie method. We called Maccio PT and have been very impressed.
We live 2 hours away and Mr. Maccio talked to my mom on the phone for about ½ hour before we scheduled my appointment. The office staff was very nice and accommodating. When I came to my first appointment my pain level was an 8-9 with pain going down my left leg. Mr. Maccio spent a lot of time working with me. When I left the pain was out of my leg. After 2 weeks of doing the exercises the pain has stayed out of my leg and my pain level is a ½. I am only 16 and thought I was done with sports and dance. There isn’t anything I can say to thank them for everything they have given back to me. I am going back to my first dance class in five months. I would recommend them to anybody who has any back pain. Cortney 3/12
P.S. I was discharged after 2 visits.