Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Virtually Pain-Free

 "I was having pain in my right knee due to being involved in a major outdoor project. Then, I had a fall from a step ladder which aggravated my knee problem. I went to an outpatient orthopedic provider and received a steroid injection and pain medication. This helped temporarily, but the knee pain returned. I called Maccio PT, where I had been treated for back pain and Joe Jr. gave me a series of exercises to do. This helped my knee point I am virtually pain-free. I highly recommend Maccio PT." - Eric

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Only 6 Sessions To Graduation

 “I arrived at Maccio PT with complaints of stiffness in my left foot and ankle due to the immobilization of a walking boot. I experienced pain in my left foot which hindered my ability to weight bear on my left foot resulting in a limp while I walked. This went on for a few months. I was unable to do much and enjoy the summer months. Nicole assessed my situation and steered me back on course by implementing a plan of care that included multiple exercises for my foot and ankle. She monitored my progress as I did my daily homework with the exercises she recommended for me. Each week I gained more mobility in my foot and ankle and was able to do more with less pain. Nicole was excellent in monitoring my progress, making adjustments in the manner I was doing my exercises and providing lots of encouragement. I finished PT after six sessions with much improvement and with knowledge of how I need to continue to maintain good function of my foot. I would highly recommend Maccio PT.” -Paula

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Discomfort To Relief In Just 13 Visits

"I have been struggling with right shoulder stiffness and pain for over a year now. My chiropractor referred me to Lindsay at Maccio Physical Therapy and I am so glad she did! Lindsay was very helpful and gave me exercises that were easy to understand and really helped me in such a short amount of time. After dealing with my discomfort for such a long time, it was a relief to finally see improvement during and after working with Lindsay. My range of motion with my left shoulder has increased drastically, and I'm very grateful for Lindsay and Maccio Physical Therapy." - Jenna

Friday, April 29, 2022

7 Years of Pain to Pain Free

 “I was referred to Maccio PT by my doctor after 7 years of pain, discomfort, and not achieving relief with my neck, shoulder, and elbow pain.  The team took me seriously, listened to my story, and made a game plan to achieve our goals of pain relief and healing.  Dr. Maccio and I were able to localize my principal pain to my neck, and return much of the functionality I had lost.  Moving forward, I feel that I have a good treatment plan going home to continue to pursue pain-free functionality.  I am thankful my doctor thought to refer me to Maccio PT!” – Aaron

Friday, April 1, 2022

"PT was going to be the ticket"

 “At almost 64 years of age, I’m dedicated to maintaining my health to the best of my ability.  I hike, garden, and have been working with a personal trainer to work on strength and balance.  I was working on an activity (pushing the sled) at the fitness studio but immediately felt my knee strain with too much weight on the sled.  I saw an orthopedist to ensure nothing serious was wrong but thought PT was going to be the ticket – and it was.  I learned exercises to strengthen my knee and realign it.  I’m finished with PT now and can resume personal training.  Plus, I know the exercises to do if my knee acts up again.  This is my 3rd time with Maccio PT and I think they are fantastic.  They provide education and information that patients can take with them.” – Cheryl

Thursday, March 17, 2022

"Ready to hit the slopes"

“I thought my days of physical activity – running, hiking, skiing were over – even simple yoga was painful after injuring my right shoulder from a fall.  After trying a variety of medical professionals, I was starting to consider surgery.  My gut feeling was there had to be other options – surgery being the final one.  My daughter recommended Maccio Physical Therapy for an assessment and physical therapy plan.  After 4 sessions I am pain-free and feel strength in my shoulder and arm I haven’t had for almost 3 years.

Dr. Maccio and his team are amazing – focusing on the limitations and encouraging gentle physical therapy to get started – I am pain-free – no limitations and ready to “hit the slopes” to ski for the first time in three years – I no longer have to sit back and watch my family including my 5 and 3-year-old grandchildren skiing!  I highly recommend Maccio PT.” – Sherry