Friday, October 11, 2019

The Power of MDT: Rapidly Reversible Low Back Pain

"My back was 'catching' multiple times a day.  Jolts of pain every time I got up and walked.  It was getting worse, not better.  Started PT and Joe (JR) told me to do back extensions every hour and sit with the back roll.  Then come back in 24 hours as I would be better.  I thought he was crazy!! I have been dealing with the pain for three years.  Walking, elliptical, yoga for backs and nothing helped and he thinks I am going to be better in 24 hours.  Well within 4 hours the “catching” and jolts stopped.  It really was miraculous.  Fast forward to now.  No icepacks.  The jolts have subsided.  Don’t get me wrong I am not 100% yet.  I still get the “catches” and I still need by back roll. I am hopeful that it will go away for good.  The big test will be on the ski slopes this winter.  Time will tell.  Thanks for helping me improve and giving good stretches that will prevent reverting back to my old problems." -Susan

Friday, August 30, 2019

The Difference Between General PT and the MDT Method: Getting to the Source of the Problem

Image result for cyclist"It all started one night walking a mile back from a restaurant.  I had to stop, the pain in my hip was so intense. I tried doing stretches of all sorts, but none worked. I struggled to keep the pain down. The pain would go away for 3 or 4 months at a time and then reappear.  The pain was concentrated in my hip, and would run down my leg on occasion.  After 2 years of putting up with the intense but intermittent pain, I went to my regular physical therapist, who did massage, heat, and ultrasound, the pain got a little worse.  So I was contemplating some sort of surgery, and went to my primary who instead suggested Maccio Physical Therapy, they had helped her father significantly. So I set up an appointment and was surprised with the simplicity of the therapy, and how quickly it worked.  After  two visits my pain was reduced about 95%. After 6 visits, it was essentially gone. Now I can control my pain wherever I am, and live essentially pain free, no drugs and no surgery. Thank you Dr Joe and Maccio Physical Therapy." 

Patient Update:

"The 402 mile bike ride from Buffalo to Albany along the Erie Canal with 600 other riders was great, no real problems, some miner irritation when walking around the camp ground.  But during the ride, no issues what-so-ever.  "

Thanks for the great healing,

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Don’t get stuck with a wrong diagnosis and constant back pain

4 years ago while pregnant with my daughter I developed anterior derangement. I couldn’t sleep without pain, stand for an extended period of time without my back locking and in intense pain even after delivering her. I ignored my pain for four years and it became extreme. I was referred to Maccio Physical Therapy and with a few exercises and 3 appointments I can walk, stand, lift and sleep without pain. I am so grateful to Dr. Maccio and I appreciate how thorough and caring his whole team is. I was told the pain was because of my weight but now I know it is from arching my back while pregnant.
*Anterior derangements are relatively rare, but do occur certainly during and after pregnancy as well as with weight lifting and for individuals who have to stand for long periods of time. It is one of the easiest derangements to sort out and treat and usually responds as quickly as it did for Jamie. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

2nd Opinions Are Invaluable


After spending 10 days in the hospital due to severe back pain, I was told that I would need to have surgery to correct the issue. I was diagnosed with a bulging disc at L5 that was compressing the nerves on L1 and L2 causing nerve pain in my left hip and leg. I was completely laid up, unable to lie on my back, stomach, or left side and unable to sit upright in a chair without severe pain. Despite the doctor’s recommendations for surgery, I was not ready to accept this fate before trying less invasive procedures. Therefore, I began going to physical therapy 3 times per week using the McKenzie Method at Maccio Physical Therapy. Within 2 weeks, I was sitting upright for longer periods of time and was able to drive a motor vehicle once again. Over time, with consistent practice of using the McKenzie Method and regular visits to Maccio Physical Therapy, my pain decreased and my strength continued to increase. Three months later and I am now able to resume normal physical activities with relative ease. For me, those activities include hiking, running, kayaking, driving my motorcycle, playing sports with my daughter, firefighting, and returning to work in a special education classroom that requires me to do a significant amount of lifting individuals in and out of wheelchairs. By using the McKenzie Method learned at Maccio Physical Therapy, I have been able to get my life back without the need for surgical procedures. I would recommend Maccio Physical Therapy to anyone suffering from a back injury before considering other more invasive options!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Pain Relief!

Pain Relief!
I had pain for the last 13 years on the right side of my neck going to my head, cheeks and hands. I also had pain on my back going into my right leg – it’s like my right side of my body is always in pain. I tried many medicines when I was in India and also here in the USA. I went to other physical therapists and chiropractors. Nothing helped. My wife and primary care physician (Dr. Padma) referred me to Maccio Physical Therapy. Initially, I did not have any hopes about my pain going away. But slowly my pain started decreasing. I followed exactly what Joseph G. Maccio said. I had few complications or side effects with exercises, but those were addressed properly by Joe. Now at the end of my 12 week visit I have no pain. I want to thank Joe from the bottom of my heart. His help and treatment is priceless.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Rapid Recovery With MDT!

                                                                                           Rapid Recovery With MDT! 

I was specifically referred to Maccio Physical Therapy by my primary physicians with severe right lower back/si joint area pain. I was 2 weeks away from a power down that I would likely have to cancel and lose my entry fee as well. Joe mentally and physically got me back in the gym. I made the competition and set a personal record on the dead lift as a bonus. Thanks Maccio Physical Therapy! Also, the scheduling and reception was extremely friendly and professional. I’ve never been to an office with more flexible scheduling when making appointments to fit my busy schedule.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

"Time does not matter with MDT" 

I have suffered with neck pain and migraines since an auto accident in 1992. I’ve had chiropractic treatments and other physical therapy. Joe Maccio is the only doctor that truly helped me. With a few exercises I am basically pain free and have movement in my neck again. I no longer have pain that interferes with everyday life. I highly recommend Maccio PT to anyone dealing with pain every day. Thank you!