Monday, May 23, 2016

Back to enjoying dance: Michael's success story

"The upper back inflammation localized and eventually subsided..the low back pain was immediately greatly diminished."

“I was having pain in my middle and upper back. I am familiar with several types of muscular pain and this felt nothing like that. If anything- it felt like bruising, even though there was no bruise or swelling. In addition, I was having worsening pain in my lower back. I dance at least twice weekly and these problems affected my ability to perform certain moves and my overall enjoyment of dancing. 

During the course of several weeks, I also experienced worsening pain in one of my shoulders that was greatly exacerbated by dance movements that involved bearing my partners weight. The pain radiated into my arm and made holding my partner quite painful. 

Two different doctors were unable to diagnose my upper back problem. I had x-rays taken as well as a prescription for drugs to help with nerve inflammation, but neither helped in identifying the problem. 

Finally one of the doctors involved recommended physical therapy at Maccio PT. The exercises prescribed immediately had an effect. The upper back inflammation localized and eventually subsided and the low back pain was immediately greatly diminished. 

I have only just started exercises on my shoulder, as it is only of recently that the problem has worsened severely, but the pain in my arm vanished right away and my shoulder pain diminishes each time I preform the exercise. I should note that I never needed to stop dancing and I have improved steadily since starting therapy. Thank you very much!”

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