Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Overcoming Vertigo: Linda's Success Story

"I had sharp pain in my lower back for awhile that was getting worse. I came to Maccio PT on the advice of my sister Judy. I was evaluated, treated and given detailed exercises to do at home. My pain was eventually getting less and less and one day while being evaluated, one of my exercises was to bend down. I came back up and I got one of those dizzy spells I had been having, just attributing it to the beginning stages of vertigo, which I had a severe case of ten years ago.
Linda's before and after illustration.

I stood up this time and the room spun to where I felt nauseated and looked at Amanda. She asked if I was okay and I said it's just one of those dizzy spells I had way back when I had vertigo for three weeks. She said that it was probably a crystal that was traveling through my ear canal that needed to either dissolve or work its way back.

I never knew vertigo could be treated. Years ago, they couldn't do anything but give medication for nausea. Well, Amanda treated me for positional vertigo and now I'm fine! I'm amazed I no longer feel dizzy- especially getting out of bed in the morning or turning my head in my sleep.

I came in for my back pain (which is gone, by the way) and also got rid of my vertigo at the same time. I'm back to going to the gym, now taking it a little easier. I'm getting older now and am on my own. I have my strength back." -Linda, February 2016

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