Thursday, September 29, 2016

After suffering for 10 years with foot pain, Reissa is pain free!

“I am a disabled veteran with existing prior injuries that happened during my enlistment. Fallen arches are one of those issues. I had been on a waiting list to see an orthopedist at the VA, having to wait from July and still waiting now for an October 5th appointment. In that time, I rolled my right ankle and had a severe sprain that landed me in another cam walker boot. I was prescribed PT through a civilian ortho and referred to Maccio PT by my mom who had back pain. When I came in initially, I was in the boot and could hardly bear weight on my right foot/ankle.
After 6 weeks of regular visits to Maccio with exercises that were aimed at also helping my arches with the ankle, I was discharged. It was faster than anyone expected and after having done 6 ½ + months of PT in the service, I too was skeptical and afraid it would hurt and cause greater discomfort. 
My therapy was, after the initial visit, painless! By the third visit, I was walking again! Not only did they help alleviate pain I’d had for 10+ years, but the staff was equally incredible. I work nearby, but live far (45 minutes), so if I had a later afternoon appointment, but left work just after noon, I was still welcomed and seen. Awesome, friendly staff helps heal, too! I recommend this group to anyone!”
-Reissa, September 2016

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