Monday, September 12, 2016

Holly's Success Story

Patient Description:

  •  Diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, caused by an injury to her foot, as per her podiatrist
  • Patient had no known injury to her foot
  • Tried insoles, ice, a boot and cortisone shots without relief
  • At final doctor’s appointment, was told that the next step would involve more invasive surgery and the condition might never go away

          “When listening to Holly tell her story on her first visit, she seemed confused by her pain. She was caught in a process where she had been chasing her symptoms, leading her to try a wide variety of treatments, ranging from night casting to steroid injections. All of these attempts provided temporary relief, but came up short in providing the long-term solution that she was looking for.
Within a week at Maccio, Holly was able to fully get rid of her ankle pain. More importantly, she finally gained some clarity with her symptoms and was able to understand how her pain worked. This gave her a long term solution that she is now able to self-manage her ankle. She also went through this same process with her thumb that she was experiencing pain in.
As Holly’s pain and discomfort decreased, her confidence in her work and social life increased. The McKenzie Method provided the relief that she needed and she surely is a patient that I won’t forget! –Andy Braga, SPT

Holly’s Final Statement:

“I was evaluated and then given an exercise to faithfully do and to see if there was any improvement. Two days later, I returned and my exercise was fine-tuned. I went home and the more I did it, the less pain I had. I continued with this regiment and returned pain free in just four days! I now have the tools to use at home should any symptoms return. If I do my exercise, the symptoms go away. Most importantly, I’ve prevented a flare-up from happening. I highly recommend this natural approach to healing. I am not only leaving this office pain free, but also with an exercise to do, which helps my body heal itself.”

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