Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MRI vs. MDT: Martha made her choice, so can you!

"Four years ago I herniated two discs in my lower back after lifting some heavy boxes.
The doctor I saw gave me a sheet of exercises and told me it would take some time to
heal. After one year, I was pain free. I felt good for 2 years and then out of the blue my
back started hurting again- only this time it was much worse. I went to another doctor
who ordered an MRI and gave me a referral for physical therapy. I chose Maccio because
I had researched the Mckenzie Method online and wanted to try it. When I arrived
at Maccio, I was taking 20 pills a day to control the pain and it wasn’t really
working. After 6 sessions I felt much better and by 9 sessions I was off of all pain
meds. When I returned to the doctor, he said my MRI showed a sever herniation of
discs and the only way to fix it was surgery. It has been six months and I feel great. I
also feel able to manage my own symptoms and am educated on how the back and
spine works." -Martha

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