Friday, October 3, 2014

Drug-free alternative for pain relief!

A recent testimonial from a patient that provides an excellent example of how using MDT methods to control pain can be far more favorable than prescription drugs! Thankfully this patient was able to find a doctor that made the wise choice to send her to our practice rather than, as she states, "load her up with drugs"! 

"I suffer from RA and it had restricted my use of my lower back and hips. There were many times I was unable to lift myself from a sitting position. After about 2 weeks working with the staff from Maccio PT, I began to get up without much pain. After about 6 weeks, I was not having any problems getting up or down anymore. I would like to thank my doctor for taking the time to not load me up with drugs and instead reach out to the Maccio group for help in making me comfortable. They have done a fantastic job working on my issues and have given me instructions on how not to get into that situation again. Thank you ALL!" - Cheryl, 2014

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