Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Treatment for all ages...

Patrick, a 13 year old patient, was recently treated in our clinic for back pain. Like many kids his age, Patrick enjoys sports and the outdoors but was missing out because he hurt his back. Within a short time, our MDT certified therapists were able to get Patrick back to, as he puts it, "normal life"! 

I originally came to Maccio because I was experiencing a lot of pain from a bulging disk. Because of this, I was in constant pain which varied when doing things like playing sports, then I was in serious pain. Also, when I gardened or bent over my back stiffened up and really hurt. But, when I went to Maccio, the therapist gave me some easy to follow instructions and advice. Within 2 months, my back had progressed from constant pain to only some pain, to finally being 100%! After my time here, Maccio gave me some things to work on to keep my back strong. Thanks so much to Joe and everyone for returning me to my normal life! – Patrick

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