Monday, December 1, 2014

Moving freely after 10 years in pain...

Rose believed that, after suffering for 10 years, she was destined to spend her days dealing with her back pain. That is, until one acute episode sent her to the ER and prompted her sister to recommend she make an appointment with us. We're so happy to hear from Rose that she continues to be pain free and is feeling better than she has in years!! 

Rose - 11/24/14
            On October 30, 2014 I was brought to the emergency room with unbearable lower back pain. I spent 4 hours undergoing a series of tests – including blood work, x-rays and an EKG. All the tests came back “unremarkable” and I was sent home with two prescriptions, one for pain and one for muscle relaxers.
            After being home for three days, I was feeling little relief from the pills or best rest. So, my sister suggested I go to Maccio Physical Therapy. I called the clinic and got an appointment for an evaluation for the following day. After the eval, I had 5 additional treatment appointments. Right away I began to feel a definite improvement, and the pain subsided after my second treatment. I stopped taking both pills after that second treatment!

I can honestly say this is the first time in 10 years that I have no pain at all in my back. I move more freely, walk with an improved gait, and feel like a new person! The ongoing issue I have had with my back over the past 10 years I am no longer blaming on my age!! The pain is gone! I was always be grateful to Joseph Maccio and his fellow therapist, Amber, who worked with me on every visit. She was exceptional. Thank you! I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Maccio Physical Therapy!  

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