Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Action...Suspense...and Success!

John not only gave us feedback on his success at Maccio Physical Therapy, he set the scene for what led to his pain and told of his previous (less than effective) endeavors in seeking relief! We're so happy we were able to free him from pain after all he went through!! 

I was coming out of Florida with the cruise control set at 60mph…it was dark…I was in the center lane. All of a sudden, my van was jolted forward. It took a moment to realize we'd been hit but thankfully, at the time, everyone in the car was fine. However, several days later I awoke to pain in my lower back. I went to the emergency room where they took an x-ray of my back, but it showed nothing. So, I was sent to my primary physician, who referred me to physical therapy. There they hot-packed my back, had me do some stretches and an exercise with a ball between my knees, then put a stimulator and a cold pack on my lower back. This lasted for 4 months with only slight improvement. I then went to an Ortho doctor, he did 6 injections in my back twice, and 1 to my hip. He then gave me a pain patch and muscle relaxers. Lastly, I started seeing a chiropractor 3 times a week, again with no relief. My primary physician saw me regularly throughout this all. He finally sent me to Maccio Physical Therapy. The first visit, they sat me in a chair with a lumbar roll at my back and had me lean back. When they asked me how the pain felt, I realized it had disappeared in that position! Joe Jr., who treated me, said I would be an easy fix and he was right! I saw him 3 times a week for 3 weeks, then 2 times a week, then just once a week. Joe Jr. showed me how to control my pain through the right stretches and exercises. His professionalism and knowledge was the key to my pain relief! Thank you! 

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