Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I Would Recommend Maccio to Anyone with Unresolved Pain

“I lived with daily pain achiness, stiffness, and just overall discomfort in my neck.  For years I just suffered with feeling miserable everyday energy, mood, and discomfort wise.  I was taking pain medications almost on a daily basis to try and help the discomfort as well as occasional muscle relaxers, both of which never fully resolved the pain just made it more tolerable.  Doctor visits for medications, x-rays showing nothing, even cortisone injections that didn’t work.  Finally, after about 8 years of this and feeling like I was always just going to have to deal with this ongoing neck pain, my doctor referred me to Maccio PT.  The doctors assessed me and worked with me to find the proper exercises to resolve my pain.  After a short time in visiting Maccio (less than 6 months), my pain has basically fully resolved and I’m feeling much happier and energetic being pain-free.  Plus now if I ever have a flare-up I know how to help it.  The doctors and staff were all extremely pleasant, helpful, and accommodating.  I would recommend Maccio to anyone with chronic unresolved pain that they just can’t deal with anymore as I did!  Thank you!” –Jennifer

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