Monday, January 19, 2015

Accepting New Challenges!

After hurting his neck in a car accident, Don's pain interfered with how he lived his life. It kept him from doing things he enjoyed or taking on new challenges. However, after being treated here at Maccio PT, our therapists used the McKenzie Method to teach Don the right exercises to turn off his pain! We're so happy to share another successful outcome! 

Before I began my therapy, my neck pain was unbearable. I was in a car accident that really affected my life. I was unable to sleep at night because I would wake up in pain; going to the movie theater was a struggle because looking up at the screen would irritate my neck; and I was unable to play with my nephew for an extended amount of time. Thanks to Maccio Physical Therapy, I was able to manage my pain and turn it off with the exercises I was shown. They narrowed down what was causing my pain and then it was time to attack it! I now accept challenges I was shying away from since my accident. My experience was very successful, I would recommend this facility to anyone. - Don, 12/2014

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