Friday, August 30, 2019

The Difference Between General PT and the MDT Method: Getting to the Source of the Problem

Image result for cyclist"It all started one night walking a mile back from a restaurant.  I had to stop, the pain in my hip was so intense. I tried doing stretches of all sorts, but none worked. I struggled to keep the pain down. The pain would go away for 3 or 4 months at a time and then reappear.  The pain was concentrated in my hip, and would run down my leg on occasion.  After 2 years of putting up with the intense but intermittent pain, I went to my regular physical therapist, who did massage, heat, and ultrasound, the pain got a little worse.  So I was contemplating some sort of surgery, and went to my primary who instead suggested Maccio Physical Therapy, they had helped her father significantly. So I set up an appointment and was surprised with the simplicity of the therapy, and how quickly it worked.  After  two visits my pain was reduced about 95%. After 6 visits, it was essentially gone. Now I can control my pain wherever I am, and live essentially pain free, no drugs and no surgery. Thank you Dr Joe and Maccio Physical Therapy." 

Patient Update:

"The 402 mile bike ride from Buffalo to Albany along the Erie Canal with 600 other riders was great, no real problems, some miner irritation when walking around the camp ground.  But during the ride, no issues what-so-ever.  "

Thanks for the great healing,

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