Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Searching and Finding the Right Approach

"I had incredibly bad knee pain that radiated to my heel. Over the course of a month, the pain got progressively worse, to the point where it had affected every facet of my life. Work became tremendously difficult and I wasn't able to pursue my passions in life, namely, martial arts, hiking and snowboarding. The resulting psychological impact was substantial as well. I started thinking that this would be permanent and it would mark an end to participating in the activities that bring me so much joy.

I knew that the traditional approach of western medicine of treating symptoms was not right for me. I did not want pain meds or shots. I wanted to get to the root of the problem. I searched and found Maccio Physical Therapy and their holistic approach to rehabilitation really spoke to me. I was greeted with a smile at the front desk and met with Julia Tranquillo, my physical therapist. Julia took the time to get to assess my pain, my body and went the extra mile to really understand the importance of martial arts and snowboarding in my life. She set up a plan and took me through a series of exercises and stretches. To my astonishment, the pain subsided almost immediately. It was a miracle. 

Over the next couple of weeks, I met with Julia and Anastasia who rehabilitated my knee and provided spirited conversations about our shared interests and passions. My knee pain had continued to improve and by discharge, they had provided me with a wealth of knowledge and tools to prevent relapse. Being a healthcare provider myself, it was a huge learning experience to be on the receiving end of care. I was deeply touched and humbled by Julia and Anastasia's commitment to my success and well being. They had shown me the importance of empathy and offering an attentive ear to someone’s problem. Coupled with their wealth of knowledge and unwavering dedication, I was bound to succeed. Thank you Julia, Anastasia and the rest of the team at Maccio Physical Therapy!" -Matthew

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